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    Your worst consecutive losing streak?

    Any of you guys that have been picking these games for awhile now. What is the longest number of consecutive weeks that you have picked more losers than winners?

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    to be honest...I usually get flattened in the first week of the NFL..but I normally even out or get on the positive side thereafter..don`t really lose consecutive weeks..if you do..you won`t have much of a bankroll...college FB is pretty easy..there are so many games to play...its hard to lose every week....

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    My longest was 6 straight weeks. It was ugly. I'd go 2-3 a few weeks straight. Then 0-6. I never thought I'd win again. This was a couple of years ago. All NFL. Then I had a 4-0 week and won 3 weeks straight. Very streaky but in the end it was a losing year for me. Just remember to cut back when you're losing.


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