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    Good news from SOS and WWTS online

    One of my biggest gripes about the SOS and WWTS online system was the 10 minute time out feature.

    There is no longer a 10 minute timeout.As long as there is "activity",you won't be logged out.Another added plus is the ability to print out lines,which wasn't available until now.

    Nice job on their parts,and another example of how you must let your likes and dislikes known in order for the sportsbooks to better serve their customers.

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    That's good news. Now let's try to get them to support Windows NT. More and more people are going to be running NT in the future so I think they should address this shortcoming sooner rather than later.

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    And support for MAC OS as well for all us inveterate Apple fans.

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    While we're at it, don't forget us growing legions of WEBTVers, which means they'd have to be internet based rather than downloadable. I'd LOVE to use SOS, as I've heard so many good things about them and they treated me well in the contest, but as long as they're downloadable, I can't!!

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    'Wiz, I've tried to use SOS.'s on line system now several times but after several failed attempts, I gave up.

    With all due respect to SOS (I'm sure their system is wonderful once you get it going), I think a java based system that doesn't need a download is still the optimal choice.

    To be honest, people aren't always at or near a computer (hence why I still maintain a phone account). But with a download software system, if you are out of town or wherever you can't just access the website and bet. You have to be at YOUR computer to place the wager (since the software has to be downloaded). This may not be a big deal to most, but to those who prefer to bet online it is an issue.

    BTW, do you have any idea why the company decided to go with a download version rather than a Java based one?

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    I would guess that they chose this system because it enabled them to integrate the phone accounts with the internet accounts.From what I understand,this is difficult to do with other systems,and can be a nightmare.

    Not sure why you're having a problem,but they might know.It wouldn't hurt to give them a call just so you could set it up and see what it looks like.

    TO GUESSER: What online books are you able to use with WEBTV,and which ones can't you use?I'd also be curious to hear what else you can and can't do with WEBTV.......

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    I know I can use WSEX, Easybets, Casino Tropicale, and SIA on the internet, and I believe WEBTVers can use I-Tops and GSC, although I don't have personal experience with those 2. We cannot use SOS, nor any of the ones using the Cyber Road software like Grand Prix, Big Book, or Mayan. Those are the only ones I'm knowledgeable about.

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    I too would love to open up with SOS as a third book, but with a firewall on the computer system at work (which I belive is becoming common now), I am unable to download as well. A book with the rep SOS has, I'd almost rather be inconvienced by having two different accounts (for phone and on-line) if this would make things easy for them.

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    Nostalgia. Thread from 1998.


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