Ming OVER 22.5

Ladbrokes offers over/under line for Yao Ming points in a game against the Grizzlies tonight. Once again we see the mistake here. The line is set to 22.5 points most probably because Yao Ming`s scoring average last season was 22.3 points per game.

Well the thing is that Ming`s scoring average from last year hardly means anything today as the Rockets will meet the Grizzlies, who are playing without their center Gasol. As for now starting center for Memphis is Tsakalidis, who is averaging below 20 minutes per game. As for true centers that completes the list for the Grizzlies. So as you see the Memphis Grizzlies have a huge problem today how to stop Yao from filling the basket.

Yao has scored 25 points as an average in first 3 games in this season. That also includes 17 points game against NO Hornets, when he had a foul trouble and played only 5 minutes in the first half. If we add a fact here that T-Mac is yet to find his game this season (scoring average 15.7 points) and that the Grizzlies lack the manpower to stop Yao, we see the Rockets to use its center as a first scoring option all night long and Ming to go over 22.5 points with an ease. 7/10 stakes!

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