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    I get the feeling lately that most guys like to read the various points of view from fellow posters -- not so much for their picks, but for the syle and content that come with it, because most guys reading this stuff already have their minds made up as to where they'll be placing the wallets on Sunday...........and this really takes the pressure off, thinking that anything I have to offer, would actually affect anybody's betting strategy..............That being said, I can now resort to my own thoughts and theories, knowing that everybody else has their own.......Whatever, it's been a great year for the most part, and I have nothing but well wishes for all of the Bettorsworld members and guests for the coming weekend.

    My take on this weeks championships came down to this, with the explanations to follow.............I just can't see the two teams that could have, and should have, been eliminated last week -- continue on to the big game.........New England and Chicago................That being said, they will probably meet in Miami two weeks hence..................but this is why I figure they won't........Stay tuned:


    The linesmakers were right on in the posting of both of these games......Everyone familiar with my posts knows that I'm a line reader/handicapper...........These lines opened up exactly where I figured they would.........both home teams favored by a field goal...........but one of these games will fall within the line, in other words, someone's gonna win by a point or two.............I hope it's this one.

    The Saints remind me of the Pittsburgh Steelers from a year ago............They've just finished off the hottest team in the playoffs in a game that tested every aspect of the game..........They responded with a balanced offensive showing that most teams can only wish for, while the defense, albeit not the best in the game, came up big when they needed to...............The same can't be said for the Bears..........Seattle pushed them to the limit and into overtime -- for the mere chance of facing a far superior team this time around...............Sure, the game is being played in Chicago, but if this game were played on neutral ground, the Saints would be a 4-point favorite.................Laugh if you will (especially if you're from Chicago), but the Saints are simply the better team, and have proven that they play just as well on the road, as they can at home.

    The main issue is simply this, Sean Payton has proven he can get his team amped, riled, and geared up for a pressure packed game, and he's got a mindset that probably already has his guys ready for the line-up to accept the Championship trophy.................This guy leaves nothing to detail, he'll probably go for a 4th-and-3 form his own 18-yard-line with 13 minutes to go in the first quarter !!..............The same can't be said for the Bears Lovee Smith, who will most likely depend on crowd noise and intangibles to get the job done...................The Saints have come to far to look back now, and for that reason, I see them looking forward to the Super Bowl............Who Dat?!!!?


    I say "under the total" since it varies dependent on where you shop, but I see this game ending up a hard-fought 17-16 or 20-17 or even 21-20 either way.........The elements figure to be a big factor, along with nerves, mistakes and other big-game miscues that figure to keep this game low-scoring..............I actually feel better about this part of it than any..............Good Luck.


    Call me a wishful thinker, but you know I don't look at Peyton Manning or Tony Dungy with a pitiful heart............My brother (probably my biggest confidant and naysayer at the same time) E-Mailed me some 6 weeks ago to tell me to bite my lip against my Manning/Dungy bashing back then with the theory that this was the year that everyone agreed that there was no way these guys could make it all the way this year, so this is the year that they probably would..............For the last 3-4 years or so, every sports publication, every Joe Football fan had christened them Superbowl Champs, only to watch them fall victim to Dungy-ball...............Bigger than shit, here they are -- after sending off Edgerrin James to Arizona.........go figure.

    The Patriots have the proverbial, and now all-too-redundant Brady/Bellechick thing working for them, but let's all be honest -- they didn't win that game last week so much as San Diego lost it.....to who?..........MARTYBALL !!..........Like it or not, that's how it went.

    In what figures to be a knock-down, drag-out, down to the last second shootout, I see the Colts finally delivering on a package that is long overdue, in a high-scoring affair, that will end up seeing them win by 10-points or more, maybe 41-31, or 38-24, a victory that won't come easy, but will come nonetheless.................OVER THE TOTAL in this one, with the Colts coming out on top.

    I'll admit it's tough to go against the Pats here, but then again, I don't think they really belong here.

    Just my opinion.............Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of our fellow Bettorsworld Players.


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    Good Stuff Boone. My mind has been elsewhere and not totally focused on capping.

    But I feel like your posts are more like blogs which is the new craze and I love it. I have to say nice job and a new perspective and fresh approach. Its fun to win but a good colorful take and your pick makes it better.

    So I like the under in the bears game too and the bears to whip up on the saints. Think it is one of those over-hyped dog things where the Saints get nutted 31-3. Hype is driving Saints bets and thats all.

    Colts/Pats..Hope Peyton gets his b/c the Pats got to hit SD on a bad day.

    Colts/Bears would be fun.

    PS I may be out for a bit, but will be back. Just some issues I have to get taken care of.

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    Very Nice BOONE
    We are on the same page 3 out of 4 picks right now
    I just can't pull the trigger on NO right now ..Maybe betting with my heart rather than my head ... No dome team has won outside in the title game..
    Have to think the Colts will roll it up in this game but will also give up some points.. Over the total as well

    We are in the same boat so GOOD LUCK

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    What sticks in my mind last week was Alexander's running and Hasselback's passing in the second half. It was too easy against what is supposed to be a great defense. I thought the Bears were lucky to win the game. Add trick or treat qb Grossman to the mix and I am all over the Saints+2 1/2 (I cannot find any sports book in Reno with Saints +3).

    I haven't made up my mind about the Colts/Pats. Yes, I also felt the Pats were lucky to win last weeks game. But they are like roaches; it's hard to kill them. I feel Indy has dominated their two games despite Manning's average play while the Pats have taken advantage of breaks when presented. This game will be decided by a field goal either way.

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    Boone where are you seeing saints +3

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    At Sportsbook.com -- You gotta pay for it though........It's Saints +3 (-130)

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    Nice write up Boone always an enjoyable read....

    I see you laying the floor with the Saints it's
    America and your every right

    The Carpet sees this game differently than you do

    DEFENSE wins games and when it came down to
    NUT SACK time the Bears Defense closed down
    Seattle when it counted...

    The Bears are going to come out and hit
    so hard the saints mothers are gonna feel it.....

    The Saints are weak in the secondary, everyone knows
    it and Grossman and Berrien will nail that at least twice
    for scores

    The Bears Special Teams are better all around over
    the Aints, Kicker Robbie Gould the best in the

    The weather wont be a factor, snow is expected
    early morning 1-3 inches but will taper to flurries
    by game time winds, winds NE 5-10mph 29%

    My money is on the BEARS -2.5

    Good Luck Boone


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