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    British new gambling laws--Will it help

    England's new

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    Hit the enter key by mistake

    England's new gamblings laws went into effect on sept 1st. Supposedly gaming companies who comply can accept bets from anywhere (so that includes the USA).

    I realise that someone will say that its not the issue of laying down a bet but the issues of getting money to the sportsbook and back. However I think first comes peace of mind of dealing with a sportsbook the will not close down, there is no way the US government can close down a British book (not gonna happen, England the US are buddies), or freeze their assets.

    Would luv some opinions on this.

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    What does the new law say exactly? What do the companies have to do to comply?

    It always seemed to me that the British companies weren't all that crazy about the US business.

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    I read somewhere that if you pay via a third party company then you can use that as a loop hole


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