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    $20. to $27,000 by May 1st

    I'm starting this thread because I have an idea. Probably unrealistic, but what the heck. Here it is:
    1) TheGreek sportsbook allows OPEN 3 team teasers.
    10 pts - football 7 pts - baskets. 13-10 odds.
    You can fill 1 spot and leave 2 open. You have
    14 days to complete the teaser.

    2) I fill the teaser with the best "dog" plays I
    can find. I WAIT until a GOOD sports service
    has a Top Play on a "dog" getting 10 or more
    points. Good sports services do not give out
    many "dogs" +10 points or more as Top Plays.
    Ex) Sat 10/20 Auburn @ LSU Auburn +10. Alot of
    good sports services had Auburn +10. You would
    have gotten +20 on the tease.

    3) Each time I win a 3 team teaser, I invest the
    balance into the next 3 team teaser. See the
    below chart how $20. gets to $27,000. It takes
    13 3-team winner in a row to reach $27,000.
    Remember we are starting with $20.
    20 win 15 = 35 balance 1
    35 win 27 = 62 2
    62 win 49 = 111 3
    111 win 85 = 196 4
    196 win 149 = 347 5
    347 win 268 = 615 6
    615 win 473 = 1,088 7
    1,088 win 838 = 1,926 8
    1,926 win 1,484 = 3,410. 9
    3,410 win 2,626 = 6,036. 10
    6,036 win 4,647 = 10,683 11
    10,683 win 8,225 = 18,908 12
    10,683 win 8,225 = 27,133 13

    4)There are 26 weeks until May 1st. A person
    needs only 1 1/2 plays per week = 39 straight
    teaser winners.

    5) You probably thinking "what a dreamer". Well
    people play contests hoping to win 21 straight
    to win $10,000. without points. Why not 39 winners
    in a row only playing solid +10 or more "dogs" and
    getting an extra 10 points for football and extra 7 for baskets.

    6) So if you know a Good handicapper who has a
    Top Play +10 or more going for a day, post it
    here. I will be posting my picks here M-F at
    6:30 pm est, Sat noon est Sun 2:30 pm est.
    We should not have too many plays to choose
    from. With your help I will pick the play we
    will go with in the 3 team tease and we shall
    see how this turns out.

    Remember this is for FUN. If anyone wants to be
    critical of this idea I suggest you don't bother
    looking at this thread.

    Nice thing about this idea WE can maybe make some
    money TOGETHER as a Bettorsworld Community

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    Nice idea - I love these off the wall plans -- I will be watching --

    Good luck

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    First Play on 3 Team OPEN teaser

    So I am so late today. Family matters.

    The first play on the first 3 team OPEN teaser is:

    Penn St + 3 1/2 = Penn St + 13 1/2

    I usually like more points, but the whole good sport
    service world is on Penn St., so I decideded to hop on also.

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    Too bad, Georgia would have been a nice play. See how those families are? Good Luck to you. UTEP +16 might be a nice play.

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    well - your quest for 39 in a row stops on the first game...

    ha ha ha ha ha

    sorry - it was too easy


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    Nice Try

    Look how well any of have done just picking one winner each week, yes I realize you get an extra 10 points, but how many times have we still got it wrong? It is worth a try, but if you win I'd take half the winnings and hold on, then bet the other half.
    Good Luck

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    It always happens like that

    It's Murphy at work with his stupid law ---

    So what it's only a loss of 20 units -- on to the next good tease bet - good luck

    Don't you just love those guys who sit back and wait for your loss and laff and laff

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    i was more than willing to laff right after the post...needing 39 in a row...

    figured it was funnier after he lost on the FIRST GAME

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    Clint Eastwood said: "A man has to know his limitations". I am not a good handicapper.

    But some of you in the Bettorsworld community are good handicappers.

    I still think this "out of the box" betting system can work.

    If any of you good handicappers have a great
    play on a "dog" +7 or more, please post here.

    For football the play will get +17 or more.
    For baskets the play will get +14 or more.

    If you see a play posted you also like, indicate WHY you like it. If there is a play posted you do not like, indicate WHY you do not like it.

    The more information on a play the better.

    Just because MY plays lost, does not mean this system can not work.

    Your opinions and comments are appreciated.

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    firstly, if i thought i could pick 39 games in a row i would quit my job and do this full time...even with the benefit of 10 pts/game

    law of averages, reversion to the mean etc etc....if you can hit over 60% you are doing well....what you are trying to do just WILL NOT WORK

    i bet teasers all the time - (2 game teasers) and i do ok (10-0-1 this nfl season) but i know that it will end soon

    i dont see why you have to pick dogs though...for example, Pats laying 14.5 yesterday, you wouldn't be happy with Pats -4.5?? why only the dogs here??

    anyways - you are not going to hit 39 in a row and i think it is a waste to roll your winnings and double up every week....have fun with it, take some money off the table after each win and try to turn a profit...that's what it is all about....the books are in business for a reason...over the long term, the average person LOSES money betting...

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    I agree with you. If people want to bet the 3 team teasers as straight dollar amounts
    and not rebet the total bankroll on the next bet, that is fine.
    My point is money can be made on this system because you can pick and choose the teams you want in the teaser for 30 days, and not be limited to 1 day.


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