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    Yo Carpet! Any assessment of Ill at O.S. ?

    Any opinion on this game bro? Usually you've got a great analysis of the Illinois games. I'd like to see what your opinion is on this one. Thank you

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    Sinced you asked I do have a opinion

    OSU is a 7.0 chalk heading home to play
    the struggling Illini

    Illinois losers of 6 of the last 7 games got an
    ear full after the loss to purdue by Coach Weber
    He screamed at his players, frustrated over the
    lack of mental toughness.

    Coach Weber has resorted to using Flash Cards
    signaling to his players How to run a motion
    offense, Yes it has got that bad for this young team.

    Ohio State is 7-0 ATS vs Illinois since 1997.

    OSU beat Illinois early this year at Illinois 74-58

    Illinois is 318th ranked in Free Throw Shooting
    and 293rd from 3 point land 29%

    My numbers show OSU by 10

    Good Luck


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    Thank you sir!


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