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    so you want to make money sports betting???

    i dont know how familar you guys are with betting on sports but its a known fact only 1/2500 make it far less than the 2% you might have heard from some other source,sure people win,people go on great runs or hit,but in the long run the books win thats just a fact for most who load up in hopes of doing it for a living.
    the average online,and regular joe at the casino only wagers an average of $15 thats pretty small number compared to what some people claim,and it also tells you the millions of mostly uniformed sports fans are out their on a daily basis.thats right 15 into 50+ biilion a year is a lot of people wagering
    my freind.
    now take this into account if you place [3000] investments over the course of a year,and your average investment held a dollar value of $300,assuming your a pro your return should be around 8% of that total=72k annual income
    in simple terms the figure is a 7.5$ return on every 100$ invested

    sounds easy enough right? wrong
    people just do not understand the tremendous amount of money management,discipline,and the actual bankroll required to start with,and how much bank should actually be risked.
    if you have 8 investments one day and say only 1,or 2 the next what actual correlation to risk,and % does it have.

    the proper bankroll required should be atleast 50k i would recomend 100k
    and never risk more than 1% of a bank on any given play,on a several pick day your investment should never exceed 2% at anytime,or any day.

    these rules sound great on paper but proper management,and strict rules where meant to be broken RIGHT wrong i .

    i am here to help you guys make money i will post my picks which i will make in a seperate thread,and the exact amount being bet and stats as to why i am placing the bet,and a direct rating them as far as confidence

    looking forward to helping you guys out i do overnight lines which generally by morning are not that favorable because the return a less % than when they opened..
    i do flat betting those not familiar with it is getting a return %,rather than laying 12.5 to get 10 on the money

    i am not a tout,i hate touts i am here to take down those a+ books who have taken so much of the unsuspecteds money,and furthermost to help guide the avg joe to a knowlegeable and profitable time sports betting,and leaves a little more wiser,and informed

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    "Honey, can I have 50K this year?"

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    LOL. I was waiting for someone to come in first. Doesn't this happen every year about this time?

    Our savior has come!!

    The posting of dollar amounts on posting forums on the internet always has amazed me. I mean, who cares? Does it make the person feel like a big man to have others *think* he's making large wagers?

    My theory has always been that these guys are just looking for a rush. The more imaginary dollars they wager the more of a rush they get.

    Honestly, I have been hanging around this site for a few years now and it seems to me that come football season, there is at least one guy that fits this bill every year.

    Maybe it's the same guy!

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    Welcome back. I look forward to your insights and plays. You sound like you know what's really going on and have the right approach.

    Let's gang up and beat the books!

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    Sounds like I`m being spanked by a forum newbie..WTF?


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