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    Live,,, college foots

    Michigan D handles a pathetic ND team ...
    mich -24... ND - 13

    Bama scores early and often ....
    AU- 45... Wky- 13

    Hokies may be outmatched ...
    GT- 27... VT- 20
    GT ML +220

    Clemson takes out on State what it couldn't take out on Bama ...
    CU- 41 ... NCst- 16
    OVER 44

    Kentucky takes care of business at home ...
    KY- 31 .... MTSU- 7
    UNDER 42.5

    Ark St. -2.5
    Org St. -13
    Ga/Sc OVER 43
    Org st/haw UNDER 56
    Ecu/Tul OVER 44

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    Swicat's picks

    OK, rough weekend last week so you may do well to go against me but here is what I like.

    Top Picks

    Va Tech- The hokies should be well prepared to handle the Ga tech option attack which is still a work in progress.

    Ark St.- I know nothing about this team but Vegas made them a favorite over a pretty good S. Miss team so that is good enough for me.

    Mich St- I doubt Fla International is enjoying this trip too much. The Spartans need a big win to get some momentum going and to pump up Ringer's stats.

    Auburn- They are still under the radar a bit. I think they will keep Miss St in check and dominate this one.

    Vandy- Time to get on these guys before the lines get inflated.

    Other picks- Oklahoma, SMU and New Mexico

    Good luck,

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    I meant Florida Atllantic as opposed to International...


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