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    $1,000 but 10 times rollover

    I just won a contest that gives me $1,000, but with a ten times rollover!

    Geez, if I wager the $10,000 and go 50/50,
    I lose $500. Any good strategies to protect the principal?

    Other than picking winners and going better than 50% of course!

    Try to grab some middles?

    It would take 10 weeks picking 10 games at $100 a game before I could cash out whatever I ended up with.

    Maybe I shouldn't rush it and just bet $25 or $50 even if it takes me until the Final 4 to make $10,000 worth of wagers.

    If I go $100 a game, one bad week and I'll lose most of it.


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    ever consider parlays? Get more bang for your buck. A 5 team parlay is around 30-1. So $100 is $3,000. When you hit that $3,000, put everything else thats left over down on one big game...then play it safe..they expect you to lose that money, so have fun with it.

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    10 times rollover....wow, good luck. No wonder they didn't mind giving it away.

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    Maybe you should describe for the good folks here what "10 times rollover" means, specifically?

    Just a thought. :-)

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    Different types of *rollovers*...most common is to gamble the $1,000 at least 10 times...hopefully win a couple times and keep the profits.....or you have to roll the $1,000 and whatever you win 10 times..which will kill you...or you can split up the money and gamble it at 10 different times.......all depends on who gives you the money and what the rules stipulate.

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    no strong opinion on the rollover except to just play it out, maybe $100 per unit or so and see what happens. Hopefully you can hit over 54% or so and have some left over.

    Is that The greek's contest? I do that one where you pick 15 sides from their list and you are eligible for prizes if you have real money in play with them.

    One guy last week went 15-0 and got the huge $15,000 prize. I don't think they have a roll-over if you have real funds in play.

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    To explain this rollover thing, I have to wager this $1,000 ten times before I can withdraw any real cash. So I have to make $10,000 in wagers before I can claim any part of it. I can break it up any way I want. $100 wagers, $10 wagers, whatever. But the 10% juice on the losers will eat away at that $1,000 unless you can pick 54% over the long haul.


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