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    Illinois vs Clemson

    The Tigers from Up State South Carolina
    (Pickens County) come calling to play
    Illinois in the frozen corn fields of Champaign.

    Clemson 7-0 always a good team, year end
    year out. They just have not played anybody
    this year. (More to follow)

    Illinois 6-0 playing gut check basketball
    winning Ugly, and at home. (More to follow)

    This will be a tough match up for Illinois
    very concerned with fatigue being a factor
    for Illinois.

    Last game Illinois they did not make 1 Three Point Shot
    for the ENTIRE GAME, it broke a streak of 365 games
    in a row with at least one made three in a game.

    Perplexing as it seemed then, it was fatigue, pure
    and simple for Illinois.

    Clemson will take the floor and look out to a sea of
    Orange 16,500 and think for a second they are at home.

    Carpet is on this game at floor level,

    More to follow


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    Illinois opens a 1.5 chalk at home

    The only respect with that line given was
    home court, Assembly Hall is a tough place
    to play as a visitor.


    They are 7-0, picked this year to finish
    in the middle of the Pack in conf play.
    The Tigers stats are eye opening, but you
    must keep in mind they have not played
    any one yet.

    The Tigers have been getting fat on Cup Cakes

    Notable Wins: Temple 3-3, McNeese State,
    and a one point win over Charlotte (1-5 who lost
    to appalachin state)

    Clemson is scoring in bunches, a very well
    balanced scoring team averaging 81 points a game
    vs Illinois Defense that is holding teams to 56 a game.

    Clemson will press from the get go- They are
    aggressive, and take care of the ball, they will come
    right at you.

    The Inside game of the Tigers has been the strength
    so far this year, they are not very athletic at guard
    and the Press has been ineffective all year.

    They love to shoot the 3, launching 18 a game
    as average, hitting about 40% of the bombs


    It is amazing what some good old home cooking
    will do for a team, to get them ready.

    16,500 will there for the game, the place will
    be SOLD OUT

    Illinois moves the ball around very well, and
    the motion offense is working. The Illini are
    ranked 10th in the Nation in assists and assists to
    turn over ratio 19 per game.

    They can score off the motion offense, can
    Clemson defend it ???

    Inside game of Illinois remains it's strong point
    as the 7-1 center is starting to feel his oats.

    Illinois Defense is holding teams to 56 points per
    game. The major flaw is the three point perimeter
    Defense of Illinois. They have no defense for the
    kick-out shot, they hope and pray it misses.
    And so far that has been the case, many a open
    shot not going in for the opponents

    Clemson will press the court on defense, and
    Illinois will take it to the tigers, forcing clemson
    back to a half court defense.


    If there is one game in the BIG 10 ACC
    challenge up for grabs it is this one.

    If Illinois hold Clemson to under 70
    they win, and that is a real good possibility.

    I dont see Clemson coming into Assembly Hall
    and delivering a knock out punch to the Illini,
    not in their House, not with this team.

    In this instance, I must stay with Defense
    over Offense.

    Carpet is taking Illinois and giving up
    the Free Throw.

    Good Luck all


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    i agree--Good Luck.

    Illinois shouls be able to pull a close, great game out in the end.

    all the other games are pretty much one sided i think with not much value ATS either way. Iowa may be worth a look at BC but have to look at BC a bit more.

    Taxman says Duke may be the play too, but I think I want to try to make a case for Purdue at home.

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    My biggest fear came true tonight with Illinois
    and fatigue

    They played gut check ball and lost to Clemson
    by 2

    Georgia next in a few days


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    Think it happened to Miami-Fl too. Though they had that wrapped up after the first half but they choked int eh 2nd half and lost.

    Illinois played a good game but couldn;t finish it off.


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