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    Zebra Stripes on Super Bowl Rings

    They should put zebra stripes on the Steelers Super Bowl rings as the refs should be awarded MVP status.

    I think bad/questionable calls

    Steelers: 2
    Cards/Seahawks: 12

    WTF over. Either bad calls just happening to favor one team or some kind of East coast Steeler bias. I guess if you flip a coin 14 times, heads could come-up 12 times.

    - 100 yard INT: Clip on the play and face mask on Warner. No call 7 point swing.

    On one drive:
    - Face mask where both players are grabbing each others face mask. Only the Cardinal player is called. 15 yard penalty
    - Roughing the passer...very questinable call...15 yard penalty

    Cards drive stalled
    - Cards called for holding when Steelers defense end does a NBA type flop and gets the call.

    Miracle catch: High speed photos can't be found of two feet inbounds. This play was too close to call and replay was way too close. I'll give the refs a bye on this one.

    Warner Fumble: Another very close call. All I ask is review the play. The guy in the booth decides if a play is reviewable "thats it"...not his call if it's a fumble or pass. He should have buzzed down for the play to be reviewed...its the Super bowl...kind of important to have the play reviewed by the head official on the field who will make the call.

    Hard to beat the Steelers on a good day, add the refs on there side and it makes it almost impossible.

    Great game, very entertaining. Just wish it was and even playing field.
    I'll get over it....need therapy.

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    The roughing on Dansby was horrible and so to the clips on the INT return. But I have to admit most of those holds on Gandy and the Cards were legit.

    Yes, the final play should have been reviewed. They say the booth official had extra time to look at it because of the other penalties being discussed on the field and with that time he determined that it was obvious and no need for the field referee to review it. Hmmm? Final play of the Super Bowl. I would say why not give everyone the satisfaction of letting the field ref make a final review.

    No one talks about how the prevent defenses allowed for that exciting 4th quarter. Steelers up 20-7, played even softer and still got burnt by Fitzgerald down the middle. Great play design by AZ to lure the Pitt safeties to the outside receivers.

    And then AZ which had been all over Big Ben in the late 3rd and mid 4th quarter, goes prevent up 23-20 and allows Holmes to grab a few and make a nice pivot on a seemingly short and harmless hitch pattern and he runs free down the sideline for 30-40 yards! Then 3 DBs near Holmes and not one can get a body or even a hand on that final TD catch! Any little push or poke as the ball arrived and he would have dropped it or bobbled it or not gotten two feet down. How is it that all 3 had lost contact with him? At least one has to be like glue on him. They will allow you to lean on him a little just to keep him close. If you are not going to blitz Big Ben and give him all day so that you have extra DBs, then the DBs have to maintain contact with each and every receiver. Terrible, terrible job by the AZ DBs to not be close to Holmes on that play.

    But then how did Rodney Harrison not knock that helmet catch away from David Tyree last year?! He was all over him and yanking and pulling. Fate. Destiny.


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