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    NFL Preseason Contest

    Who is going to be running the NFL Preseason Contest?

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    Nov 2005
    Did I do this last year? I can't remember...anyway, I'll do it I guess.

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    Cool, thanks Dragon, all u have to do is go back into last year's thread archieves and copy last year's rules.

    Now all Jeff has to do is show us the $$$. Jeff its all up to u buddy!
    I would be curious to see if the viewing traffic in this contest increase from last year. I aint callin no names, but there are 2 or 3 guys that have consistantly kicked ass in the preseason contest.

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    Well, we like to save most of the prize money for the real deal....so let's call it $200 winner take all.......

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    The ball is in ur court Dragon

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    Oct 2007
    Nice to start thinking about King Football once again! Hi to all.

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    Not good at pros but lets do this!!!

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    Rules have been posted in another thread. We can discuss/agree with them in this thread and then we can make it a sticky.


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