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    Red Raiders Sec Preview ( Georgia Bulldogs)

    Which Georgia team will show up? The one at the start of last season or the one at the end of last year?

    Offensively things look pretty good with the exception of the QB position where once again the dawgs will be breaking in a new one. Redshirt freshman Aaron Murry looks to be the starter.

    The running backs should be good with Washau Ealey and Jun Caleb leading the way. Both finished strong at the end of last averaging almost 100 yard apiece per game.

    The offensive line with all five starters at the end of last year returning. So count on Georgia running early and often.

    A. J. Green is an awesome talent at the receiver position and if Murry can live up to expectation, Green should have another great year.

    Now the bad; Georgia is changing to a 3-4 defense under new coordinator Todd Grantham. The line has been hit hard with the loss of Jeff Owens, Geno Atkins, and Kade Weston. The only returning starter is Demarcus Dobbs.

    At linebacker; only one returning starter Jr. Justin Houston. The defensive backfield which was really bad at times last year only has Brandon Boykin returning. They were ninth in the sec in pass defense.

    Special teams is a bright spot with very talented kickers returning.

    Bottom line: This defense has some issues.... Thy got 37 hung on them at home against the Gamecocks, 34 at home from the Wildcats, 41 against Florida and 41 at Arkansas, 45 at a very weak offensive Tennessee team. They were 9th in pass defense overall in the sec. With players having to learn a new scheme and question marks all around, How will they be much better?

    Red Raiders Prediction: Best case scenario 9-3. Worst case scenario 7-5. I personally just don't think the qb play will end up as good as last years did. Honestly very shaky on this prediction.... I think like I said of South Carolina with Georgia, The Carolina game could set the tone for the season.....

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    Nice write up Red Raider

    Anytime I see a team moving to a 3-4 defense with a new Coordinator
    for the first time tells me a defense in the transistion Stage. It seldom if ever works the first year it is deployed. This team has to move to a 3-4 to adjust for the losses.

    This looks like the perfect OVER team to play with such a bad defense.
    Combined with a decent offense and special teams this is going to be my over team to play for the year as a bet.


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