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    New York Giants 2010 Forecast

    Let's start a thread on this year's Forecast for EVERY NFL team. Anybody can start the thread. Start off with your favorite team or team you think you've got a handle on for this year.

    I'm a true blue Giants fan, so take this with that in mind.

    I expect Eli and the offense to have another good year, but the defense was awful last year and while they should improve with Perry Fewell, the new DC from Buffalo, I don't think they will be much better than average.

    DL will be okay, anchored by Justin Tuck and the secondary should be strong with Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas and Aaron Ross back at the corners and newcomer Antrel Rolle at Safety. If Kenny Philips comes back full strength, they will be very good. But big questions at LB with Boley, Bullock and 2nd year man Sintim.

    The Giants record will depend a lot on how well the Eagles and Redskins jell with their new personnel and schemes. I see the Giants finishing 10-6, behind the Cowboys, but ahead of the Redskins and Eagles. That might be good for a wild card playoff spot, but I don't see them winning a playoff game on the road.

    Your comments?

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    I can't argue with you at all on this Widestrides.... I was shocked at the Giants last year, total disbelief...What impact will McNabb have on the skins and how do you think it will effect the Eagles???

    I wish I could feel confident enough to start a thread for a pro team, I just don't follow them enough to do so. I follow the Titans more than anyone else and usually try to make at least one game a year...They should be about the same as last year although I don't anticipate them losing like they did at the start of last year when injuries decimated the secondary...

    Glad to see your post and I wish more people would do that, because I for one need all the help in the pros that I can get.. Great Idea!!!!!


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