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    #21 ILLINOIS vs # 10 Missouri..Bragging Rights game Mens NCAA Basketball 12-22

    Illinois comes into St Louis to play the 10th ranked Missouri Tigers

    Illinois opens a -1.5 chalk

    Illinois lost to UIC last week in Chicago a loss that put a Lump of Coal in all the Illini stockings this year. The team responded by holding a team only meeting in the hotel after the game and with a spirited practice on Sunday. The feeling at the Christmas party held at Coach Weber's home was mixed and no one could shake this loss.

    Missouri will create a ton of problems for Illinois especially if the Illini decide to coast for a bit and stop pressing. Mizzou is 40 minutes of Hell, Full Court Pressure and a high octane offense.

    Illinois should be able to beat the press of Missouri and find easy baskets it is the transition game that Missouri will roll back at you in 2 seconds that will create open shots and foul trouble again for Illinois.

    This Illinois team seems to play to the level of the competition, against 3 mid majors this team has struggled, beat NC, Gonzaga, MD, lost to TX in OT cant tell me this team cant play.

    Watching Illinois the last 4 games the other teams no matter who they are playing seem a step faster than Illinois in the second half late. I attribute this to Coach Weber pushing practices to 2 hours at full throttle, these kids are gassed coming into a game already. This may help against a team like Missouri.

    Back up PG Brandon Paul may not be able to play for Illinois and I say he wont play, Crandall Head Luther Heads little brother will take his place in the line up.

    The Illini plan to bring everything they got to St Louis and win this game, THE INTENSITY is there for sure.

    I am more worried about the Iowa game to open the Big 10 play than I am about this one. Illinois will get up for this game and beat a # 10 team a spot they wanted to
    have by Christmas themselves but now a LUMP OF COAL

    ILLINOIS 76 Missouri 72

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    This place is going to be rocking for this game 24 oz beers flowing at a cost of 10 a beer should make for a rather loud crowd.

    Brandon Paul is expected to play tonight on a limited basis off the bench at PG relieving Mccamey at times to break this full court press of Mizzou

    Illinois worked hard this week on putting in a new strategy to break the press, when it works it usually leads to easy baskets and of course when it dont a turnover something that Illinois cannot afford to do vs this Hungry MIZZOU team.

    This is an up and down team they play to the level of teams they are playing and to a man they are all firmly committed to bringing 110% this game, that is something I have not heard in a long time. Illinois ranked 21 and embarrassed by that ranking which is well deserved.

    I am taking Illinois only for one reason here, the emotion is deep for Illinois to prove themselves and they have the TALENT TO WIN TONIGHT with some great clamp down defense and plating smart.

    Good Luck my friends....

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    What the hell? I cannot beloieve this team? So much talent but cannot do anything wiht it.

    They think they are better than they are so a drop in the ranking will do them good.

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    Coach Weber said after the UIC game it was like a lump of coal in your stocking, Well this one feels like the whole coal mine including the mine shaft.

    Next up Iowa to open the Big 10


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