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    Mock Hilton FINAL LIST-Please confirm

    Can you please confirm this is the final list and everyone on here has paid? This is the list I am going to base my scoring on and want to make sure I have everyone and that everyone here is paid up. Thanks!

    Scoring for week 1 coming soon...

    1. The Boys
    2. resteasy
    3. Oldluds
    4. dragon 1952
    5. Monroe Eaford
    6. Taxman
    7. widestrides
    8. Carpet
    9. woodee12
    10 xbigpappa
    11. bigdogdan2
    12. red raider 84
    13. Krichinsky
    14. Dinger
    15. Jason Daubenspeck
    16. hihosilvr
    17. oakas
    18. bobomax
    19. gamester
    20. LSUDog
    21. cford1
    22 stardust
    23. bret3518
    24. OCK
    25. sacii
    26. chrny
    27. citizenc78
    28. samter
    29. The Kidd
    30. laxsfo99
    31. crash1500
    32. atman25
    33. gearchanger
    34. sherako
    35. whackjob
    36. dkp
    37. mattwellin
    38. pjt95
    39. winandwin
    40 ssantam
    41. SteamRoxorz
    42. TheBlackCat
    43. becks
    44. clueless13

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    OK, I'll forward it to Jeff, he has those records.

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    Ok, thanks. From what I saw on the week 1 thread, I think everyone has paid but want to double check and make sure I have it right from the start or it will be a mess.

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    well, I show 43 paid, just based on an email folder I set up. I likely misplaced one. But, there's no way for me to track it down.

    The best thing may be for each contestant to email me the following.

    1) forum username
    2) pay pal email address.

    This way I can check everyone off and verify.

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    edited by bettorsworld

    please don't post email addresses. people use programs that harvest email addresses and once you post your email address in a forum like this, you will NEVER stop receiving spam.

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    I am going to grade with this list and if you haven't paid, step up and let us know. Just email Jeff and let him know and get squared away.

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    It may be Samter...He did not get back in, in time to post, so maybe he did not get paid in time either?

    Also, JimmyMac posted but he did not pay so hes not included on this list or in contest unless he paid and we do not know about it.

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    Well, I heard from 2 whole people. So, I guess that won't work.

    So, here's the deal. The prize money will be based on 43 people regardless of whether 44 paid or not. If in fact 44 paid, bettorsworld will use that entry to pay for the fees involved with each transaction, which was $1.75 per entry.

    Problem solved.

    Of course, we will also verify the winners via their pay pal addresses.


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    i'm good #26

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    If samter doesn't show up this week, then he probably was the one who didn't pay, because he wasn't sure he could get his entry in.

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    The only way to figure it out, is to have each contestant email me their forum username and pay pal address. I can then verify the list.

    Otherwise, we'll just have to go with 43 and will have to verify contenders down the stretch.

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    I just forwarded an e-mail copy of my paid receipt to your attention.

    I advise that if you don't receive responses from the other contestants by Sunday, September 18, 2011 then Woodie shouldn't have to waste his time on scoring their selections.

    In other words - NO PAY - NO PLAY effective next Sunday.


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    emails can be sent to bettorsworld at gmail.com.

    Include your Bettorsworld username and the email address you use for PayPal.
    Last edited by widestrides; 09-16-2011 at 05:41 PM.

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    ^ careful that's what I wrote and then got censored about email addresses. didn't expect that.

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    I paid by visa check card on the link provided.. I however am not sure that I used my correct email.. I can send something if needed that it was taken out of my account... thanks

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    I sent Jeff the information suggested by Widestrides


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