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    Taxman's Take on NFL ~ Week 2

    Different strategy was implement last week for my NFL picks. Call it beginners luck or not, but it was my best weekend.

    There are 3 plays on the board that just have my head shaking based upon what had happened last week.

    Wow, this spread is truly a lack of respect!! I know that there is absolutely no love for the Colts w/o Manning, but really, making them a dog against a team that could not even beat a crappy Bengals team at home!? A team that has lost 5 games in a row! A team that has won 4 road games in 19 trys. A team that is young with a new coach. I'll take a more talented team that had their asses handed to them last week to bounce back and win their home opener!

    DALLAS -3
    What would this spread be if Dallas won last week? Did anyone watch the 49ers game last week?? I watched it for a minutes and flipped to another game. Yes, the Niners won by 16, but had a kickoff and punt return for TDs. So they scored 19 against an absolutely dreadful Seattle team! Alex Smith racked up....129 yards passing! They were 1 for 12 on 3rd downs. If it wasn't for turning Seattle over 3 times, they might have lost!! Yes, Romo wet the bed once again, but this team was moving the ball on the Jets D. They were up 14!! Too much offensive talent and Romo can move the ball w/ easy unlike Smith.

    ATLANTA +3
    Interesting point spread here. Atlanta's O line was dominated last week. I also lost count on how many missed tackles Falcons D had last week. However, Turner ran for 100 yards on 10 carries. Eagles gave up 6 yards/rush to the Rams. Vick complete less than 50% last week. Throw out last week's Falcon clunker, this team is too talented and too tough at home.

    I usually shy away from playing DD favorites, but....
    GB -10, Dom Capers will shut down the Cam Newton show! GB offense is a machine. No way can Carolina trade points with the Pack.

    Pittsburgh -15. Seattle sucks! Seattle is 1-15 playing on the road at noon, yep, I was there when the beat the Bears last year! But anyway, if Tarvis Jackson was pitiful w/ AP as running back, how the hell is he being any good w/ Hawks. Steelers had their ass handed to them, so this is going to be one pissed off team ready to unload and take them behind the wood shed!

    So, I am playing:
    IND +2
    DAL -3
    ATL +3

    Parlaying those 3 and then slipping a 5 teamer w/ GB & PIT

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    Like them all. That might not be a good thing for you!

    Maybe Pitt -15 is a bit much. You should be able to find -14. I'm surprised it came down and stayed at -14.



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