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    PENN STATE - 5.5 vs Illinois

    Coach Paterno says generally outside of Alabama, Illinois is the best team we are going to play so far. Well Generally speaking the coach may be right. So why is the word generally used? I can tell you why........

    Because Generally speaking Illinois has a horrilbe kicking game, offense scoring on average 10 points last few games, turnovers galore, and the worst clock managment I have ever seen by a coach. So in general terms he may be right and concerned that the Illini will fix these things coming into the game.

    No reason to be concerned, Illinois will not move the ball on Penn State, and Penn State will move the ball ever so slightly on the Illinois defense.

    Again I think turnovers and bad special teams show up for Illinois in the game

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    Carpet is at ground floor looking at this game from every direction.

    The special teams play of Illinois is abysmal the 4 main teams are ranked 100th or more in NCAA play, this is a real confident shaker as a team.

    There is this old age adage about teams expressing the personality of their coach in game time situations. While Illinois players seem devoted, sincere and enthusiastic they also seem unsure of themselves. Could this be coming from the head coach?

    I have watched Ron Zook for many years, back in the days he was a defensive coordinator and then special teams coach for old stone face. The old adage seems to ring true here as the Illini are not playing with any confidence.

    This is going to be a low scoring game I have ran to sets of numbers

    PENN STATE 24-3

    Penn State 10-3

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    The weather at game time should be 38 degrees, with a 50% chance of sleet or snow in the second half

    This game will be a war, Illinois has a plan to get off to a fast start the only problem will be if Penn State get's to the QB before he hands it off in the back field and I see this happening.

    Both teams have good defenses, no doubt about it, Illinois will struggle vs this defense of Penn State on offense and turn overs will once again decide this game.

    Illinois defense will play solid but key penalties and poor field position will seal thier fate.

    There is something wrong with this Illinois team and I know excatly what it is....They are gonna tailwind slide into a back door bowl game hoping they beat Minn to go 7-5.

    The line is down to 5 I see no reason to take Illinois in this game

    Maybe just maybe Illinois gets back darius Milens back at WR he is still doubtfull, but of he does come back he opens up the 2 receiver offense they had at the beginning of the year. I am doubtful.


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