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    What's up with NE? Line down to -1!

    What's up with NE? Line down to -1!

    Dr. Bob?

    Maybe this:

    "Patriots release starting CB Leigh Bodden"

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    not sure yet... I know Dr. Bob isn't moving any NFL lines.

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    And now Denver down to +1 vs Detroit! Stafford?

    Cowboys down to +3.

    Bills down to -4.5.

    Weather affecting totals on the east coast. Snow coming Saturday.

    Totals down in NY, Philly, Baltimore and Carolina.

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    I've seen and heard a lot of people on denver and tim tebow.
    Cowboys probably seeing action not surprising.
    Have heard some people betting pitt but mostly heard NE so that's a bit surprising.

    Totals going down with snow makes sense. Was thinking same thing. Not sure about toronto but it'll hit the NY area. It'll be interesting to see when on saturday, how much actually drops and how long it'll snow. Could affect the spread or if they clear the snow or it melts a enough then not so much.


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