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    RestEasy's Week 8 NFL picks

    Should probably put this with my early looks thread after this week. No need to make 2 threads right? At first I figured we'd use that one for discussion but after that come my picks anyhow.

    5-6-1 last week. Not great but still in the positive over the year.
    30-24-2 on the year (52%)

    I have minor write ups on why I lean which way in my previous thread so here's my picks.

    Colts +9
    they may even win. But I won't hold my breathe for that I'll just say they at the least cover.

    Vikings +3.5
    I like this ponder kid. Of course he just played the #32 pass D (yds/g). Yes that is right the packers are #32. Heck most wouldn't even have thought to put them in the 20's. So he looked good. Carolina is only 21st and they are 30th against the run. With AP that will not do. Funny thing these minnesota vikings you have to look at this like it's their 2nd game. THe previous statistics will lie with the bad play at quarterback which of course effects the defense and the overall spirit in which they play. Yes, I'm factoring spirit. ANd with that my next pick

    Detroit -2
    Tim Tebow is good sure. He's proven little against the worst team in the nfl. 3 out of 57 minutes of good football. Even factoring in time of possession it's still 3 out of 35 minutes. It's not just him. This isn't tim tebow vs. the detroit lions (he's no mike ditka who could do it all by himself) but his supporting cast is just not that good. Yes, the stadium will be rocking but it will not be enough.

    Vikings/carolina over 47.5
    Carolina scores a lot and the vikings have a revitalized offense. This goes over.

    GMEN -9.5
    snow in the forecast for saturday but should be clear and fine sunday. Miami just isn't good no matter what Brandon Marshall tweets. Gmen getting healthier with several key players coming back or starting (Prince). Coming off the bye they roll.

    New Orleans -13.5
    That's a lot of points sure but the rams have been beaten by 14+ in 4 of 6 games. Washington beat them by 7 and gmen by 12. Bradford out and the saints are playing well. Rams yet to score more than 16 pts in a game. Saints average about 30pts/g (34 if you count that last 62pt game). They cover.

    Buffalo Bills -5
    Stevie Johnson is finally feeling a lot better. Moss, Hightower and Cooley are not playing for redskins. Grossman supposedly had pneumonia this week and Beck is starting again. This is a home game in toronto so a minor away game for the bills too. Doesn't matter fred jackson will be up and down the field and stevie johnson will make at least 1 big play.

    49ers -9
    Cleveland is looking sorry. Hillis has fallen under the madden curse. The 49'ers embarrassed the bucs and the browns are no bucs.

    49ers browns OVER 38.5
    this could go under if the browns don't score but they will get something. Enough to contribute to the over. prediction: 28-17

    New England Patriots -2.5
    They are not afraid to play at Heinz field. They've played 5 times since 2002 @ pittsburgh. They lost once in 2004. Both teams are playing well offensively but with 2 weeks to prepare I have to side with Tom Brady.

    Cowboys +3
    again, wish both teams could straight out lose but have to side with one. Cowboys have the #1 rushing defense. Should stop philly which lies in the bottom half of the rankings for rush D. See what Murray did last week? Not saying he'll put up those number again but he will do well enough to let Romo make some plays. Now, philly has a slightly better pass d by yds/g but they've let up more TD's 11-9 and have same # of int's. I'll take the pts and say a moneyline would not be a bad play.

    alright. that's what I think. Good luck everyone.

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    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h
    cowboys to go.
    If anyone had rams moneyline I'd like to shake your hand.... and steal your powers.

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    safe to say 4-7. worst week yet. so.... good one must be coming.
    34-31-2 for the season so far.

    first losing week for me too on teasers, straight bets and a couple small parlays. Oh well, still up a good amount for the year.... for now.

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