Just Leans and open for discussion now. Final picks later.

Season 45-35 (56.3%)

Last Week 3-7. Ugh! Panthers' Mare misses a 31 yarder to sink two of my picks.

Texans -10.5. Browns have scored 10 and 6 in their last two games. I don't see them getting much more against the stout Texans D in the loud Dome. Texans 2nd home game. Browns 2nd long distance road game. But hey, that's why you get 10.5. 31-13 Texans.

Texans over 41. I think the Texans offense is rolling even without Andre Johnson. True they only got 24 last week, but Jax is a very good D. Cleveland not bad either, but this is second in a row at home for Texans and second in a row on the road for Brownies. Browns just need to score 13. Texans are good for at least 28. 31-13 Texans.

Bills -1. Jets D is not what it used to be. DL and safeties are suspect. LBs and corners are very good. Bills D not very good either, but at home, Bills O should have more success than an erratic Sanchez. Bills 27-20.

Bills over 44. See above.

Chiefs -4. Trap? Chiefs feeling it now. Fins are good, but they could also get behind and go into the tank. Arrowhead will be tough and it could be colder by then. KC 27-10.

Niners -3. I see some -3s. Might not play -3.5. Trap? Skins bounce back or roll over? Another long road trip for SF, but they have won them all. Niners D should throttle the SKins O with Beck at QB and minus Hightower, Moss and Cooley. Bills shut them out. Niner D much better than Bills D. SF 24-13.

Seahawks +12. I think the Seahawks D will keep it close and T-Jack may be able to put up 17-20 to get the cover, even if it is late garbage score. 31-20 Dallas is a cover for the Hawks.

Bengals +3. Will Tenny wake up and grab this one? They need it more than Cinci. Second one in a row at home for Tenny and second one in a row on the road for Bengals. I might pass, but Bengals D will keep them in it to the end, so getting 3 points seems safe. 20-17 somebody.

Bengals/Titans under 42. See above.

NY/NE over 50.5. I see it at 51 and even 50.5! At that I would consider over as I also think Eli will fare well against the Pats' pass defense. But it may be in a mop-up, garbage time way. New England 34-24.

Chargers if +7 or at least more than +5.5. SD at home gotta get up for the Pack and shake off last two implosions. But, maybe they are just idiots and will always do that kind of stuff. Pack 30-27.

Chargers over 50.5. Rodgers and Rivers will trade scores back and forth. If Rivers can get some TDs instead of FGs, then it will sail over and Chargers could even cover. Green Bay 30-27.

Steelers but maybe only at -3. Baltimore's OL is horrible and Flacco looks like he is sedated. Steelers 20-13.

Balt/Pitt under 42. 20-17 tops. Baltimore's OL is horrible. And Baltimore's D is very good. Steelers 20-13.

Bears +9. Like me some Peppers, Briggs and Urlacher to get after Vick and McCoy. 27-24. Not sure who wins!