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Thread: LSU DOG

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    I 100% knew Alabama was going to lose to LSU.. We agreed upon this.. Don't get giddy my friend for LSU will lose to the best team in the sec this year Arkansas.. Don't for one minute think you are home free. The stats I pulled out of how Alabama hasn't played anybody on offense almost applies to LSU.. They will lose to the sec champs Arkansas... Bank it..Again, I have sucked this year so maybe I am wrong.... NOPE....

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    Hahaha....settle down there my friend. I dont think any LSU fan is waking up this morning feeling invincible. But that was a great game (yes, great...I have an appreciation for some great defenses) and we're pretty lucky to escape with a win. I just hope Les doesnt pull the plug on Lee and start JJ going forward, cause that vanilla offense is boring to watch. Lee will never face a defense like that again, so hopefully he gets back out there and does his thing. Arky scares me a bit, especially after what they did to SC's defense, but still, its got nothing on ours. As long as the offense can do a little something, we should be OK.

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    Not that anyone asked my opinion, but LSU has simply been the best all-around team in the nation all year, and continues to be. Their defensive backs are more athletic than some I've seen in the pros.

    Nobody in the SEC can keep them from going unbeaten, and I'll be surprised if Arkansas will come within 10 points of them. Simply not in the same class as LSU at this point.


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