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    This is the ugliest scandal I have ever seen and is playing out like a John Grisham novel.

    A great program brought to it's knees by a devastating scandal makes Ohio State look like they were selling twinkes on the side walk illegally.

    The NCAA has said this is out side of their boundaries but I can guarantee you the deeper and darker the facts submerge the NCAA will get involved and will hit Penn State with lack of institution control.

    The fall out for Penn State will be devastating to this college for a Long Long time, in all areas.

    I feel for these young children who were in the confines of a animal, I really do.

    Big Joe should of placed a ZERO BLITZ on sandusky when he first heard of the allegation, instead he passed the buck. And all those years later he watched Sandusky with boys at his side whenever he seen them and knew deep down what was going on and said nothing.

    This entire institution makes me sick from the top down. The Board of Directors have fired everyone, can anyone fire them?

    Pardon my rant, as a Big 10 die hard fan this makes me sick

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    You are right Carpet. How can anyone defend JoePa or blame McQueary instead?! JoePa stood by for 10+ years while Sandusky prowled around Happy Valley and even used the Athletic facilities up until last week!!!!

    JoePa was protecting JoePa and Penn State's empire and legacy and did not care about the kids for 10+ years!

    Seems like JoePa did not even confront Sandusky and tell him to knock it off or get help. If you were going to cover for him and for yourself, you should at least do that much. He gets some credit for reporting it the very next day, but then he went along with the cover-up.

    I don't care how many kids JoePa graduated, this is far worse than anything Miami or SMU or Ohio State did.

    This clearly shows how corrupt college football is. Too much money and power and these guys, even supposedly "good" guys will stop at nothing to keep that money and power. In Paterno's case, it may not have been money. It was more reputation and ego.

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    Just wondering.......

    What happens if Penn State runs the table? Then go on to play in the Big 10 Championship game. They win that game and get a BCS game!!!

    Does the NCAA have to offer that bid to them? Would any bowl want Penn State? Would Penn State want to accept any bid???

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    The irony of knowing all of the years Sandusky and Mc Queery spent at Penn State, and to think that the two of them could end up spending many more at the State Penn !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bettorsworld View Post
    Yeah.....I would think it would have an impact......you just don't know which way. The team could rally?

    But the assistant that was named as having seen Sandusky assault the boy, is Mike McQueary, a former player and currently an assistant coach on the Penn State staff.....I think he's a wide receiver coach (not that penn state needs one of those)

    McQueary is one I have more of a problem with than Paterno. He saw this happen? He's 6'5 and 200+ whatever, you see this happen, and you're only action is to tell your boss, Paterno, the next day??? You let the scumbag Sandusky leave WITH THE KID after what you just saw?????? You don't call every police agency known to man? Cmon.

    Paterno is at fault for not doing enough. But he was told 2nd hand. This guy McQueary saw it with his own eyes and that's all he did??
    Exactly right on anyone who sees what Mike McQueary saw; I'd give the SOB a beat down he'd be lucky to survive and as far as all the administrative bullshit you are supposed to follow, yeah - my ass. Straight to the prison.

    Paterno: OK - so Mike McQueary says I saw something inappropriate? So St. Joe says what? Nada - doesn't ask what he saw concerning a guy he knew for 34 years? I ain't buying that at all; human nature being what it is, he'd ask more detailed questions.

    There is plenty of blame to go around and the bottom line on the sick fux that abuse children: I could put one right through their head and stop for a nice meal on the way home. I wouldn't feel one bit of sympathy or guilt - all I would be is hungry. Taking out the trash gives me an appetite.

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    An older woman who likes boys is a Cougar, an older man who likes boys is a Nittany Lion.


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