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    Early Looks College Football Week of Nov. 8th-12th


    Bowling Green +6 over Northern Illinois...Juicy home dog to start out the week. NIU is in people's memory from last week so some good value with a good home team.

    Michigan State -2.5 over Iowa...Iowa beat Michigan last week but MSU is a ton better in my eyes. Tough to play at Kinnick but Iowa got ALL the breaks this week and I see MSU's D shutting down the hawks and winning by a 7-10 points on the road. Plus MSU is off a much needed bye week I believe. Probably my play of the week.

    More to come...
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    Good Thread Woodee, let me pile on here.

    Texas -1 at Missouri. I keep looking at this game and the same question comes to mind does Missouri ever beat Texas? Well they have 5 times and lost 17 times.

    Missouri gave up 686 yards last game vs Baylor. They have also gave up over 500 yards a game over the last 3 games. Texas has a great running game # 10 in the nation I believe and ball control vs a poor defense will be the key here for Texas.

    Texas -1 at Missouri

    Illinois +1 vs Michigan.

    The Illini are coming off a much needed bye week, and licking their wounds after losing 3 games in a row. 6-0 seems like a year ago.

    When you look at this game on paper both teams match up with each other fairly equal in most areas. The two areas that stood out was Illinois advantage in Pass Defense #8 and Rush Defense #9 .

    Iowa has handed the blue print on how to beat Michigan to the Illinois coaching staff. I think Illinois is going to open it up vs Michigan. Last year they played to a 65-67 game.

    This year Illinois defense is better than last year. Should be a close game.



    This one has me looking twice at this game. Why is the line so low? I am going to defer my pick on this game until I hear from TaxMan on this game, but leaning OSU


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