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    Rickjs handicapping picks Nfl week 10

    Wedn we won our play on Tampa in the Nhl with an OT win 2-1.

    Today in the Nhl its too early to tell and I will update later.

    There is an Nfl game tonight....and it is a play:

    Oakland +7

    Nfl play record 7-9 -2.90

    Its is also a pick in the Hilton contest....

    Hilton contest record 22-21-2


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    Today in the Nfl I am 21-19-2 going into today in the Hilton contest with my Nfl plays 8-9 after an 0-4 start to the Season. So Slowing improving but will need a very strong rush to get into contention to cash in the hilton.

    Today in the Hilton contest my picks are:

    Oakland +7 W
    Tenn +3
    Minn +13
    Cleve -2.5
    Jets -1.5

    There is 1 play today in the Nfl:

    Tenn +3.5

    College hoops and Nhl to follow a bit later.

    Twitter: rickjsportplays


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