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    College Basketball info?

    Does anyone have a good site they go to for college hoops previews, team preiviews, rankings, returning starters, line-ups, and capping info?

    I have not bought a college hoops annual mag yet and may pass this year as I seem to not use it after the first few weeks anyway.

    I am blind right now going into college hoops action and need some place to get some info so I can get a feel for these teams.

    Early there are a lot of beatable hoops lines as oddsmakers trty to guage teams and want toget some info before these small tourneys get going in the warm weather climates!

    Just been busy with football betting/fantasy foots still and continuing my 2-3 streak every week in the mock hilton to figure out hoops rigth now.


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    season team previews

    They also have previews of each game, as well as a prediction on each CBB, CFB and NFL game on the Scoreboard link for each sport. I wouldn't put much credence on the predictions though, but the write-ups are OK. Also, in the left-hand column, Inside the Numbers usually previews a top game with a good write-up. They also have team stats, previous season results, ATS/SU records, etc. You just have to figure out the navigation.
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    Woodie, for what's it's worth. Go to covers.com and follow Nroop11. He's pretty consistant with his picks and gives a lot
    of information on a lot of teams.


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