WISCONSIN -14 @ Illinois

When I first read this line I had thought that the numbers were reversed by accident at -41.0, but after a triple take the line is -14.0. Just what in the hell is wrong with this line? I can tell you this line is way off.

Illinois just got their but handed to them at home by Michigan and the score could have easily been 60-14. There is something terribly wrong with Illinois and its offense. Last game Illinois got it's 1st FIRST DOWN at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

Illinois is playing timid and turn overs are killing this team, as well as the special teams play. Special Teams is a oxymoron here at Illinois because there is nothing special about that unit.

Illinois defense is good, but they are on the field way to long with bad field position to maintain a 40 minute effort. There is no way Illinois will be able to contain Wisky's QB. The only way for that to happen will be to hit him hard and knock him out of the game.

WISKY 48- ILL 13