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    It has been reported by a source very close to the top that Ron Zook will be let go by Illinois as the Head Coach.

    The Board is meeting Thursday in executive session to address this issue.

    My sources are confident this is true

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    Coach Zook held a presser today and the second the question was launched about his future he left and would not answer the question, in fact he gave the reporter who asked the question a laser beam stare then walked out.

    The new AD who comes from Cinnci said today we will look at the end of the season and evaluate things, not one vote of confidence towards Zook.

    Zook has a 2mm buy out remaining on his contract and it would be my guess he is costing Illinois more than he is making over the years.

    This new AD knows how to build programs and fill seats he did a great job at Cinnci. The Pressure under Zook to win a game after going 6-0 and losing 4 straight to go 6-4 is intense.

    The Illini have Wisky at home and a game with a much improved MN team and it is quite conceivable that Illinois could go 6-6 (amazing) I really think that fundamentally this football team is flawed at every direction and this reflects on the Head Coach.

    Zook is a great recruiter, but it ends there.

    This is not I repeat is not a flame post to get of Ron Zook

    There is a Board meeting this Thursday to be held in executive session to discuss this very issue, I can tell you that this decision has already been made, baring a miracle defeat of Wisky and beating Minny to close out the year 8-4, Most people who watch Illinois football does not see this possible and are planning for the future.

    I knew deep down Carpets floor level that when this new AD came in from Cinnci his first target was going to be FOOTBALL.


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