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    Dingers NFL Picks Week 11

    My system (formula) is hitting in almost all cylinders. However this weeks picks have me nervous.
    I have zero bias where I plug in different stats and come up with my own line.

    Pick of Week (POW): Win (SF) 5-5
    Top 5: 4-1 (31-18-1)*
    All games: 11-5 (77-64)

    Top 5 (POW)
    3* MIA -1.5 (Bills rated low)
    3* WAS +8 (This pick has me scared)
    2* DEN +6.5 (Gulp!!)
    2* CAR +7 (Really???)
    2* GB -14.5 (Finally a pick that feels good)

    Best of Rest
    ATL -6.5
    CIN +7
    CLE PK
    OAK -1
    AZ +10
    STL -1
    CHI -3.5
    PHL +5
    KC +15 (Ugh)

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    I believe that redskins pick will play just fine. Got it in my mock hilton even.
    carolina... bank on stafford's thumb and those points.
    miami may win with bills injuries.
    denver.... yeah i just on the complete opposite side.
    GB makes sense. Hopefully plays well.

    Your system played well recently so that's good.
    if you play any of them good luck.


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