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    College Hoops Thursday (Early Starts)

    7-2 YTD

    67% on opinions and plays over at the BW sports monitor too.



    Iona +5 over Purdue...Pudue's shelf is bare again, and Iona is the top team in the MAAC.

    UNDER 128 LSU/Northwestern...If I remember right LSU plays a slow tempo like NW does...first one to 60 wins. I like LSU as a dog too.

    Nevada -14 over Pacific...Nevada too good for this bottom level Big West team.

    Missy State +4.5 over Texas A&M...Middleton out in a game that is very even.

    Maybe one more? Looking at Fairfield +over Minny too and Seton Hall over VCU---I love betting agianst teams that were huge surprises in last year's tourney such as VCU--Just don't know what Seton Hall has this year now that Hazell is gone.

    Any thought welcomed too!
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    A little insight on LSU:

    LSU was the worst major conference team offensively last season, scoring 92.8 points per 100 possessions. They hit 31.2 percent of their threes, 44.2 percent of their twos, and 66 percent of their free throws. They were also in the top 50 in the country at getting blocked and getting the ball stolen. These things look to have improved by hitting 11-24 from downtown against Nicholls St., but then they shot an impressively bad 35.4 percent from the field against Coastal Carolina. LSU were outrebounded 51-32 including 19 offensive boards.

    I don't know what tempo Northwestern will play. They may not want to slow down and let a poor shooting team hang with them.

    I think if Iona covers, I'll parlay that into Northwestern -8'


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