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    The Kidd emailed on time, didn't see them until now.

    Phil, nyg, cin, buff, den

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    Congrats MattW

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    Congratulations to all those who finished in the top five.


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    Great Season all. Congrats Matt. Thank you to Bettorsworld and all the members that ran the contests.

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    Thumbs up Handshakes all-around

    Thanks guys! Congrats to you all as well, good season. This was my first year picking in my own handicap system. By next season i should have a website up and running with full analysis and weekly reports. I plan to use the winnings to enter the actual contest next year. Thank you all for the opportunity, and i wish you all the best of luck at the Window this year. I'll be in Vegas on Superbowl weekend, so if anyone wants to meet up and have a drink, i would love to meet some of you.

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    Well done. Any hints about your system? Was it a numbers based system that crunched stats? Or was it a trends system?

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    Congrats to all the winners for a job well done. I hope we have this contest next year...Job well done "THE BOYS"

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    Quote Originally Posted by laxsfo99 View Post
    6 RAMS* +10

    14 PANTHERS +8

    15 TITANS -3

    27 RAIDERS* - 3

    32 SEAHAWKS +2

    The Boys, your new scorekeeper "The Kidd" equals redux xbigpappa.

    lax is "redux xbigpappa" a good thing? I hope so...for an 89-year-old i try to do the best i can with this voice activated typing system i have, but every time i belch i get a typo!

    i hope these final standings meet to everyone's satisfaction...especially the money winners...congrats to all and to The Boys for a well run contest this season!

    1. matwellin 52.5
    2. ssantam 51
    3. Carpet 50.5
    4. resteasy 50
    5. Monroe Eaford 49
    6. bobomax 48
    6. cford1 48
    8. bigdogdan2 47.5
    9. atman 46
    9. bret3518 46
    9. SteamRoxorz 46
    12. The Kidd 45.5
    12. Dinger 45.5
    12. OCK 45.5
    15. Krichinsky 45
    15. TheBlackCat 45
    17. The Boys 44.5
    18. Jason Daubenspeck 43.5
    18. Oldluds 43.5
    20. citizenc78 43
    21. Taxman 42.5
    21. winandwin 42.5
    23. becks 41
    23. laxsfo99 41
    25. dragon1952 40.5
    25. woodee12 40.5
    27. widestrides 40
    28. stardust 38
    29. pjt95 36.5
    30. gamestar 35
    30. hihosilver 35
    32. chrny 32.5
    33. JimmyMac 31.5
    34. LSUDog 27
    35. sacii 25.5
    36. clueless13 24.5
    37. gearchanger 23.5
    38. crash1500 22.5
    39. red raider 84 22
    40. dkp 19
    41. xbigpappa 17.5
    42. oakas 16
    43. sherako 15

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    Thumbs up The Formula

    Sure, my system is based on overall offensive and defensive yards per game. ATS records and stats, as well as betting trends don't mean a whole lot when the variable surrounding each individual situation are different. I approach each game as a unique match-up. We rank the offense based on RYPG versus the DYPG, and key personnel who got those stats to where they are. The same with passing. The differential numbers are accumulated. Top 10 offense gets 3 TD's, top 15 get 2, and top 25 get 1. Do for passing as well. Then bring in the Defenses they are playing and subtract the same -3 TD's for Top 10, -2 for Top 15 ect.. Do for pass d as well. I do not swing for home field unless the team is traveling across country, or have played on a short week. I feel like in modern football using home field as a full 3 point swing is like telling people that Santa Claus does exist. Additionally, the superstar factor doesn't change a whole lot in my book. Not as much as the health of the lineman in the system. Successful stats/results only carry over if the team is still in tact. It also doesn't mean your choice hinges on one guy (Fred Jackson)
    Here is an Example to further explain the research: SD versus Oak. SD Pass Off 6th (21 points) minus Oak Pass D 27th (0 points) gives us SD 21 points pass O, SD rush O 16th (14 points) minus Oak Rush D 27th (0 Points) give us 14 plus 21 passing, for a score of 35 points total. (they actually had 38) Oakland Pass off 11th for (14 points) minus SD pass D 13th (14 points) gives them 0. Oakland Rush Off 7th (21 points), so 21 minus SD rush D 20th (7 points) gives us a total of 14 points for Oakland, and a score of 35-14. I give them 3 FG because of Janikowski, and the strength of the SD Def. Final score prediction 35-26 San Diego. I do this then look at the spread (+3 SD) and figure the differential 38-26 which gives this game a perceived value of 12. My game of the week, which ended 38-26, right on time.

    I was by no means just guessing, and i learned to play with statistics not heart.


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