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    Saturday College Hoops

    K-State +1.5 over Mizzou---biggest play all year for me--3 units.
    I think KSU beats Mizzou for Mizzou's first loss of the year.

    Providence +3 over Seton Hall..prov hung with Cuse most of the game this week. Get a w today.
    Indy State -2 over Mizzou State...Defense prevails over offense.
    Texas a&m -4 over Iowa State...ISU wiull struggle on the road this year.

    South Bama +4.5 over Denver..Denver b2b road games.

    GL...hope to be back in here more again next week.

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    Nice call on K-State, completely demolishing Mizzou. Great call and way to step out on the play!

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    I tailed you Woodee on that call with KState....

    At first I was like what KState over Missouri he is calling ? and you nailed that dead balls center Great call Sir


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