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Thread: Tuesday Plays

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    Tuesday Plays

    Cards/Dbacks Under 9
    Houston +135
    White Sox +125
    cubs/atl UNDER 7.5

    Hawks -1

    Flyers -125 over NJ

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    Good baseball night 4-0.

    Suck it FLyers and Hawks.

    Hawks should have covered that 1 if they could figure out how to get the ball in bounds. Celtics take this series as the Hawks are still just too green to win in the playoffs. Pisses me off when a win turns into a push bc of stupid mistakes.

    Also, how many timeouts do NBA temas get? Too many in my opinion. The end of these games suck! Pros should not need to be coached every 5 seconds to know what to do next. But the sad thing is, they do.


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