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    You've got to love touts!

    I just saw this and had to laugh!

    Wild Card Total of the Year

    Wow, today is the only Wild Card Day of the year in MLB and yet, a tout is screaming TOTAL OF THE YEAR~!

    These clowns keep getting creative.

    Tomorrow I am sure you will see:

    First Saturday of October Early **Insert Conference Name Here** College Game of the Year!

    Pretty much everything attempted to be sold and posted on the web is GOY or GOW.

    Don't be fooled, do your own handicapping and you'll do just fine compared to these bozos!

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    That is good, very creative and probally sucker a few in.

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    Now that it is completed what was the pick?

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    Matt Rivers

    Friday's Selection ...

    For Friday night in basebgll, 200,000♦ Wild Card Total of the Year is on the visitjing Baltimore Orioles and the host Texas Ranges to hold Under the posted total. It is Saunders and Darvish as your listed pitcners, and both must start or this play is VOID. The total is priced at 9 runs as I release this play at 8:30 am eastern time.


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