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    RestEasy Divisional Playoffs

    Denver -9
    They have creamed teams at home and baltimore has lost or barely beaten teams on the road (except the browns they beat by 10). I think last weekend was Ray Lewis's swan song and this is his last game. Denver can cover this and I think they will.

    San Fran -3 +110
    This is probably the hardest game this weekend to pick. Both teams are more than capable of beating the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses. I'm not convinced in the packer's road record (4-4 away) though the 9ers also show some weaknesses.
    At home, with rest I see the 9ers pulling it out in a close game.

    Seahawks +3

    Their defense took a hit with clemons going out yes but their secondary can matchup with atlanta's big receivers and their front line is more than capable of slowing or stopping turner. Gonzo may give them fits.
    On the other side I don't think the falcons have an answer for lynch and turbin (21st in yds/game vs #3 offensively). Add to that the threat of wilson running for a first down which is something they have experience with (rg3, newton x2) but still have trouble with. Cam ripped them for 116yds last time they played and panthers are not as balanced as the seahawks.

    Pats -9.5
    I hate this many points but the texans in their last 3 losses lost by 12, 17 and 28 to indy, minny and new england.
    The pats with rest, playoffs, home, gronk.... destruction.

    denver -2, under 54.5, seahawks +10, pats -2.5
    denver -2, pats -2.5

    Why the hell not parlay
    denver -9, under 47, sf -2.5, under 45, seattle +3.5, under 46, NE -9.5, o47 +11200 (1 wins 112)

    Good luck all!

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    Atlanta ends the seahawk dream. If this team is legit, & I believe they are, then they will win by double digits. It's time for Matt Ryan to take that next step.

    Denver should win big as well but I hate laying that many to a decent team. I'll risk it though in this spot. Really like the 1H line more though as the Broncos have been exploding on teams.

    Leans towards the 49ers & the Pats.
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    yeah, the falcons Can win for sure but the seahawks are more balanced. Falcons capable of dominating (shutdown the giants) and capable of collapsing (destroyed start to finish by the panthers).

    The thing about the falcons is that they haven't played good defenses lately to show what they can do. Yes they owned denver but week 2 is a long time ago. In the 2nd half of the season they struggled against the cards which has no offense and the best defense was the panthers which as I mentioned demolished them.

    I like the seahawks to win and like the points as well.

    Good luck this weekend

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    Yep, like all the home favs except the Falcons. The week off and rested team vs a sore team is huge. And Seattle has travel on top of that, which is what makes that one risky. Might lay off the Seahawks, but can't trust the Falcons to win a playoff game.

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    I like Atlanta this week. The past two years they lost to
    the eventual Super Bowl champs. I'm guilty as anyone of
    having past history creep into my evaluations, but breaking this
    down Atlanta's previous failures shouldn't play into the matchup
    against Seattle.
    Their defense has given up 32 less points than the NYGiants did
    last year comparing weeks 12 through 17. I think Seattle's receivers
    are suspect and Atlanta will exploit that.

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    Denver killed my teasers (though i also played a pats and over as well as a pats/seahawks) was at. Wedding so missed posting.

    Anyhow did 3-4 counting the parlay and teasers. But was +$$ this weekend.

    I already took san fran -3 @ atlanta. Thinking we get the Super Harbaughbowl
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    Do you think that -3 on San Fran gets hammered? I cannot see anyone liking the falcons after the way the looked late. Kapernick is as mobile as Wilson is and has better receivers and offense around him.
    -3 seems to easy. But there is no way I would take the falcons.

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    Already -3 plus juice or -3.5


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