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    Widestrides NFL Picks Week 19 Divisional Playoffs

    6-0 last weekend.
    148-133 for the season on posted plays (52.7%)
    43.5-41.5 Mock Hilton (51.1%)
    93-76-1 Carib Contest (55%) Just 3.5 games out of $1,350
    9-8-1 BW GOW Contest (53%)
    78-64 Sports-Bettors.com/Free Sports Monitor (55% +760 units, 6th place) Carpet #8. Red Raider #13

    Denver -9 (3 units) and over 45.5 (1 unit).
    I'm not impressed with the Ravens O or D. Indy and a rookie QB ran up big yards against them at Baltimore! What will Peyton Manning do? And Broncos D will be all over Flacco. The over will be made possible by Flacco's TOs. Denver 34-17.

    SF -2.5 (2 units) and over 44.5 (1 unit). Tough to go with Kap vs Aaron Rodgers, but I think SF's D will get after Rodgers as his OL is bad. And GB's D is healthier but still not bery good. Gore will pound it out and Kap will run and pass just enough to keep them of balance. The over will happen because Rodgers will not be able to run the ball so he will be throwing it all day. SF 27-20.

    Seattle +3 (2 units) and under 46 (1 unit). A lot of travel for Seattle, but they are Atlanta's worst nightmare. Seattle has the CBs to shut down Roddy and Julio. And the Falcons haven't been able to run all season. Maybe the week off and the strong desire to get the monkey off their back will get Atlanta motivated, but even then it will only be by 3. The under because both teams will play it conservatively and try to run the ball. Seattle 20-16.

    New England -9 (3 units) and under 49 (1 unit). It's a lot of points and the Texans D is tough, but not that much has changed snce the Pats destroyed them a few weeks ago. Except that Gronk is back and the Pats are rested and Schaub's arm looks very tired and this WRs look very slow. Under because the Texans D will play better, but their O won't be able to help them. Pats 31-13.

    Denver -2.5 and New England -2.5 (2 units)

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    I'm coming off my two totals plays for today. Could see them going either way now, so no play.

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    Same card. Love it
    Hopefully i dont bring you down.
    Good luck!

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    ruh-roh.....Ravens came to play

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    And I came off my Ravens/Broncs over! Duh. I thought the cold would slow them down.

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    Live Bet over 57. Torrey Smith is gonna get one. My Broncos -8.5 looks tenuous. Ravens OL and D playing better than expected.

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    Live Bet. Ravens over 27.5 points. Big juice though -140.

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    I followed you my brother on SF ... I hope you are right..

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    I bet but didn't post Denver/Balt over 69.5 and it covered with that miracle Baltimore TD.

    Just grabbed SF -6.5. After I put it in they changed it to -9.5 and now SF is knocking on the door. We'll see if they can keep A-Rod from a backdoor cover.

    Hats off to Baltimore. Their OL and D played much better at Denver then they did at home vs Indy last week. Peyton was missing Moreno and McGahee.


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    Nice job my brother.. Most don't know you like I do.. I went with you on SF and over.. Thank you Widestrides because I suck at the NFL..

    Take care buddy!!

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    Glad you tailed SF and over and not Denver!

    I ended up +1 unit minus some juice only due to winning 4 in-game Live! bets. Denver D let Peyton down big time today, especially their secondary. Torched. Or just plain out of position.

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    Honestly, I know zero about the NFL as you know but when I was asked who will win today? My answer was the Harbaugh brothers and I say they will play each other in the Superbowl.. Now you know who to bet next weekend..lol

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    Hedged one unit in game for Houston +11.5. Houston playing tough.

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    My original plays would have been 9-7, but I screwed up the totals. But then I came back with some successful Live! betting, and I ended up 11-8 for the weekend. Almost hit the middle on that Houston hedge, but the Pats went for the late FG. Glad the Texans didn't get the backdoor cover. That would have been bad for Pats backers as the Pats were up 25 in the 4th.

    11-8 this weekend.
    159-141 for the season on posted plays (53%. The magic 53%. About even after juice!)
    43.5-41.5 Mock Hilton (51.1%)
    93-76-1 Carib Contest (55%) Just 3.5 games out of the money.
    10-8-1 BW GOW Contest (55.5%)
    82-67 Sports-Bettors.com/Free Sports Monitor (55% +830 units, 6th place) Carpet #8. Red Raider #10


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