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    Just to keep things more simple I will create this zip file for all my horseshit and yet I bet I get more hits on this file than any other post on this site... Frankly there is zero chance you will not look at this file. Be it my picks or just my horseshit banter.. You will look and you will be rewarded via great picks and for fun all that comes along with it.. This is just to free more space up on the site but you will look.... Hell yes you will!!

    Bottom line if I think your great or an idiot all posts will be in this thread.. I will give all my SEC picks in this thread although they have stunk as of late. I will only post my college GOW and maybe if I am stupid My NFL pow..

    One thing.. I will always be in the top ten cappers in the college contest.. Any extra picks will be here..

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    I enjoy reading your posts. I for one will keep reading them. Good luck.

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    ditto for me......I enjoy classic comedy & am the first to admit that everytime I pass a traffic accident I slow down and gawk.

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    A Red Raider Zip file that sounds interesting, just what in the world does that mean?

    Let me venture a guess.

    ONE CONTAINED AREA OF POST with anything and everything goes?

    Just high level capping without all the emotion is what I would like. Make your post Red Raiders thoughts and we will follow it.

    Creating random new post with your every thought is a drain on resources so if we could coral it into a barn that would be great.

    Thanks Red Raider


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    I think that's what it means.....everything in one place....but as soon as I read that I saw 3 or 4 additional new threads so maybe it doesn't mean that. I am sure it will all become crystal clear very very soon though.


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