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    Widestrides NFL Picks Conference Championships Week 20

    11-8 this weekend.
    159-141 for the season on posted plays (53%. The magic 53%. About even after juice!)
    43.5-41.5 Mock Hilton (51.1%)
    93-76-1 Carib Contest (55%) Just 3.5 games out of the money.
    10-8-1 BW GOW Contest (55.5%)
    82-67 Sports-Bettors.com/Free Sports Monitor (55% +830 units, 6th place) Carpet #8. Red Raider #10

    I'd rather not root for the Niners and Pats, but see them in the Super Bowl. Maybe the Ravens can cover, but not the Falcons. Niner D will shut down the run and contain the WRs and Tony Gonzalez. Gore will grind it vs that soft Falcon D and Cap will run and gun through the soft secondary.

    Pats should be the better rested team, but Ravens do well vs Pats. Pats D is improving. Brady needs another go-to WR. Lloyd is no Randy Moss or Gronk.

    I went with a 7 point teaser - ties win.

    SF +4 and NE -2. (2 units)

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    Early Super Bowl lines:
    NE -2 vs SF
    NE-6 vs ATL
    SF -4 vs BAL
    ATL pick vs BAL

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    Add a unit on SF -3.5

    Having the public on Atlanta is not going to help Atlanta on the field. They are out-manned, out-muscled and out-gunned.

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    Wow! Where's the Niner D?!

    I have in-game bets for over 54.5 for one unit, Falcons -3 for a half unit and Niners +3.5 for one unit.

    I'd love to see Falcons win by 3!

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    Won 2 units on SF -3.5. Lost 1.5 units on over 54.5 and Falcons -3. And 2 unit teaser still alive with Pats -3 to go.

    Really would have liked to see Falcons win by 3. Don't like Harbaugh but he's a good coach. Kap was sharp, winging it through the porous Falcon secondary.

    Can't believe that didn't go over. Niner fumble at the goal line hurt.

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    Pats and Falcons both shutout in the second half!

    Pats need another weapon for Brady. Gronk comes back. Welker is great, but small. Brady needs another threat like Moss was for him.

    Losing Talib hurt the Pats bad. And that Ridley knockout and fumble on the helmet to helmet hit by Pollard really put the nail in their coffin.

    Down 1.5 units and some juice on the day.


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