"An arctic cold front will bring big weather changes for Sunday's AFC Championship between the Ravens and Patriots in Foxboro, Mass. This is especially true when compared to the low 50s we saw at kickoff for last Sunday's game.

Although the high for the day may reach the mid to upper 40s around lunchtime, temperatures will plummet thereafter through the afternoon and evening as strong, gusty winds usher in a much colder air mass.

If you are outside tailgating during the afternoon, be prepared for winds of 20 to 30 mph with higher gusts up to 40 mph. Wind chills will quickly tumble into the 20s.

By kickoff at 6:30 p.m., temperatures will have dropped to the low 30s and may fall to the upper 20s by the time the game ends. Winds will continue to be gusty around 10 to 20 mph out of the west and could interfere with the kicking game.

These winds will also put a bite in the air with wind chill readings falling into the teens by the fourth quarter.

The one weather worry we will not have is the chance of rain or snow as the cold front will be lacking any significant moisture; skies should be mainly clear this evening."