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Thread: NFL WorkSheet

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    NFL WorkSheet

    May be of help. I can post it weekly if I get enough interest. Let me know. Both PDF and Excel Formats



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    Link Correction

    Excel Sheet Format (can't edit original post)


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    (999) Number next to team is Hilton # of selections.
    Bold under Hilton Column denotes Top 5 pic, (9) number in parentheses denotes Hilton Selection #, 1-5
    Teaser lines for sides and totals (6/10 points) are self-explanatory (I hope)
    W or L next to team name indicates last game results; some teams bounce back off a loss.

    Greg Cote, Miami Herald, funny and also a decent handicapper.
    Hilton Contest
    Our own Black Cat
    Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) ESPN/Grantland, 50% handicapper, some nuggets of wisdom, and funny.
    Madden Sims, worth reviewing
    RPP=Roxy Pro Predictor - historically good on totals and very good predicting underdogs/underdog upsets. Better later in the season when the data set is larger.

    Gold Sheet is a column, but removed/hidden due to copyright issues. You aren't missing anything, the NFL Key releases for Week 1, 0-3. All the week 2 keys releases are late games

    You'll see various other colors and bold which only indicates I am looking at/considering these as plays.

    I find myself getting information overload, so came up with this as a tool to help.

    Feedback welcome and if you have any ideas to improve it, say so. I'll try and post it earlier in the future. If it sucks, feel free to say that too.

    If there is interest, I'll post it, if not . . . no sense in cluttering up the forum.


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