for thursday night I'm doing a teaser
2* sf +3.5, under 49.5

week 4 in so far
2* seattle -2.5
Houston has struggled each game and was dominated by baltimore. Seattle rested most of the 3rd Q and the 4th. It is however a road test for them. I think they're up for it.

1* pittsburgh -2.5
Someone has to win. With Heath Miller coming back last week they looked like they were finding something they had been missing. Bell comes back this week which may help. Mostly, viking's secondary is awful. Antonio Brown can and will do damage. Either way, poor london.

1* Arizonia +3
With Glennon starting the bucs may actually do better than with Freeman. Cards secondary is good and the bucs have been finding ways to lose games. I think the cards can keep it close.

1* San Diego +3 (-130 for the hook)
Dallas has beaten teams with combined win total 1-5 both at home. The Chargers have looked surprisingly well against tougher opponents and now host after back to back cross country trips. Their 2 losses came to a FG. I like them here with the points. This I believe will move up to 3 with the public (according to thespread) 70% on dallas. I may add to it then.

1* Oakland/Washington o43.5
Both defenses are not that great. Both mobile QB's (assuming pryor plays) can generate points.

3* indy -0.5, bears +10
3* denver -3, wash/oak o36 -150 7.5pt teaser

season: 29-29 +0.5* wooho