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    I developed my own system going on 10 years now. Looking for that magic formula.

    Been dog heavy all year...12 home teams though

    Starting to even out 8 favorites and 7 dogs.

    Last Week: 9-6
    Overall: 26-18-2

    Pick of the Week (POW): Win (BAL) (3-0)
    Top 5: 4-1 (11-4)
    Mock 1: 3-2 (10-4-1)
    Mock 2: 1-3-1 (7-7-1)

    Week 2
    Top 5
    POW: 3* OAK +3 (A little nervous with QB ??)
    2* DEN -11 (Really want to mvoe this up to my Pick of the Week, but it seems everytime I make a change I lose (like Cle last week)...what to do??)
    2* CLE +4
    2* NY Jets +3.5
    1* KC -2.5 (Injuries on KC side scare me though)

    Best of Rest
    STL +3 (My line is dead on, 1st tie-breaker to STL...I'm 0-1 using my tiebtreaker)
    MIN +1.5
    BUF +3.5
    JAK +7.5 (Ugh)
    SEA -3
    TB -3
    DET -2.5
    DAL -1
    ATL -1.5
    NO -6

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    good luck man.
    Does the system take into account if the QB is flynn?

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    I don't see a big difference between Pryor or Flynn. I have the Raiders winning this game by 5 points. 8 point difference from Vegas.

    If there is a significant injury (injuries) to a tema, I might bump them out of my top 5 and move the next highest rated up.

    I try to keep my discretion out, as most of the time I lose when I put the human element into the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinger View Post
    I don't see a big difference between Pryor or Flynn.
    Big difference

    Pryor 624 yards 2 td's all with his athletic ability to make plays vs

    FLYNN 19 total yards this year.

    Oakland is banged up and RG 3 is going to give them fits

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    I don't make a major line movement for Pryor. Peyton Manning yes...Prior...um no.

    You are basing the difference on Flynn throwing the ball two times?

    Flynn: 55 of 81 passes for 731 yards with nine touchdowns and two picks in two career starts.

    I think why I have the Raiders is more based on the Redskins lack of defense.


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