Usually when I post plays here, they bomb! So, I'm calling this my Kiss of Death Plays!!

I really like Tampa Bay here.

Getting good low odds on Cleveland as they finished strong to end the season, won 10 in a row!!!!

Guess what, those wins came against Minnesota, Chicago and Houston. Steaming pile of crap baseball teams. Cleveland went 17-2 against Chicago!

Did you know that Cleveland was 56-18 against sub .500 teams but 36-52 against the rest of MLB!

Cleveland is over rated, Tampa -107

Note, I played Over all 3 games last night, check the page
My Picks: NHL
10/1/13 7:30PM Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens Over 5/+100 Win!
10/1/13 8:05PM Washington Capitals at Chicago Blackhawks Over 5/+100 Win!
10/1/13 10:05PM Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers Over 5/-105 Win!
10/2/13 7:35PM Toronto Maple Leafs at Philadelphia Flyers Over 5/-125
10/2/13 8:05PM Buffalo Sabres at Detroit Red Wings Over 5/+105
10/2/13 9:35PM Anaheim Ducks at Colorado Avalanche Over 5/+100

The NHL changed the dimensions to the nets (shallower and narrower pipes) which suggests it was an attempt by the NHL to increase scoring. Additional, there was another subtle rule change and it comes in the equipment of NHL goaltenders. The goalie pads combined are now 2 inches smaller in width than last season and that, too, is another attempt to increase scoring. In three games last night, 26 goals were scored. Last season the average number of goals per game were 5.3 and if the opening night was any indication, that number figures to increase significantly this year but oddsmakers have not made the adjustments in the totals.