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Thread: Hockey Fri 18

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    Hockey Fri 18

    So, 2 teams cam home off of long road trips and won. Ott beat the Devils, they are just bad and Mon held on Against CLS. Col dug themselves a 0-3 hole and climbed out tying it at 3. I thought for sure they were going to win then and even had a power play starting in the last 3 mins, but couldn't score. They then gave up a goal and an empty netter. I didn't win, but I don't see a lot that I would have changed yesterday except the Chic game I mentioned and my small bet on Buff (they are just bad). I would probably still bet on Colorado in that situation again. That goalie just played great!! So, onward and upward hopefully!!!

    Last night: 3-6 -372....YTD 11-8 +610

    Both games are tough tonight.
    Stl plays at WPG. The play here is supposed to be WPG. Stl on a B2B having won a big game last night.The Jets are a little beat up and have lost 4 of 5. Their leading scorer is a game time decision. Stl has won 4 str in this series. You are supposed to just blindly bet WPG, but I don't know if I can.
    In the other game PHX visits AnAheim. The ducks have won 5 in a row, but looked really lethargic last game. Phx has won for of the last 5 against Ana with 2 in a shootout. After their first loss at home last year Ana won 13 str there. The Ducks had won 3 str against Phx at home before they beat them last April.
    I think I need to think on these games a little bit!!!

    Anybody have any thoughts?

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    Tonight I am playing



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    I am passing. There are better games on the board tomorrow.

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    Stl won all 4 games after playing chicago last year, 2 were the next night, but at home.

    I know system 2 calls for jets +1 1/2 just can't pull the trigger.

    Best of luck today.

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    I agree guys. I would like to bet WPG and Ana but can't. No bets for me either.

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    I am taking a shot with Phoenix and Winny, both +1.5 parlay for a unit.


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