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    Contest Payouts - Including Mock Hilton

    Just an FYI

    All contests will be paid out after the Super Bowl

    When the contest in question is finished, winners need to email the following.

    1) your username and the place you finished

    2) a link to the contest and the final standings

    3) the amount of your prize

    ***All payouts will be via pay pal.

    *******The email address you contact me from MUST be the same email address that you used to sign up for the Hilton contest with.

    ********For the other contests, the email address you contact me with MUST be the email address the correlates with your username on the boards (the one listed in your profile)

    Email to bettorsworld at gmail dot com

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    You actually got jeff at gmail.com?!

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    Guys - I screwed up. I initially wrote that the email was jeff at gmail dot com. It's not. It's bettorsworld at gmail dot com. My apologies. If you sent it to "jeff", I obviously didn't get it. But I'm sure the "Jeff" who does in fact have that address, probably a google employee, was thrilled to learn you won a prize in a football contest

    At any rate, it's bettorsworld at gmail .com


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