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    College Bowl Results thru Jan.1

    bobomax 19-10 25pts
    MonroeEaford 20-9 25pts
    Widestrides 20-9 25pts
    Kbhirsch 18-11 24pts
    o2manscot 20-9 24pts
    daddyd 18-11 23pts
    Dragon1952 18-11 22pts
    Sakras 18-11 22pts
    Winnersby&by 16-13 22pts
    Bama25 17-12 21pts
    chrny 17-12 21pts
    ndsent1 17-12 21pts
    noname 17-12 21pts
    Pdiddy 15-14 21pts
    Kdawg 17-12 20pts
    NeverLose 16-13 20pts
    OCK 16-13 20pts
    RedRaider 16-13 20pts
    Taxman 15-14 20pts
    Laxsfo99 16-13 19pts
    wildcard 16-13 19pts
    hartattack 13-16 18pts
    8550937 15-14 17pts
    bret3518 14-15 17pts
    lobster 15-14 17pts
    Oldluds 14-15 17pts
    TheBoys 15-14 17pts
    Carpet 15-14 16pts
    Dawg2 14-15 16pts
    harnpar 12-17 16pts
    Miklos 16-13 16pts
    woodee12 12-17 16pts
    AAKJ 13-16 15pts
    Chargerette 11-18 15pts
    Krichinsky 12-17 15pts
    Allsport 12-17 14pts
    Dinger 12-17 14pts
    Kramden 13-16 14pts
    Stormy1114 13-16 14pts
    RustyBlades 11-18 13pts
    Whatnot 11-18 13pts
    TheGuesser 11-18 12pts
    ScooterSteve 9-20 11pts
    wizard 8-21 10pts

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    Good job with the score keeping Wisconsin. Just to be sure.... how many points are the remaining games worth?

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    Are the Ball State/Arkey State and Vandy/Houston games also worth more points?

    That would be weird, but by the rules, I guess they are.

    "The games through Dec 31 will be worth 1pt. The games from Jan 1 up to the Championship game will be worth 2. The Championship game will be worth 3 pts."

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    thanks for the info wide. I guess if the n tex/unlv game was worth 2 points then the ball st/arky st and the vandy/houston games are worth 2 points as well. I just didnt see the rules posted anywhere.

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    What, no North Dakota State vs Towson for 2 points?! :-)

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    Yeah, all the games from Jan.1 until the Championship Game are 2pts and 3pts for the Championship Game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by widestrides View Post
    What, no North Dakota State vs Towson for 2 points?! :-)

    I believe that Wisconsin originally didn't want the extra points for any games but several players were concerned with people losing early and bailing. He did this to try to keep those players in with a chance to catch up. It really doesn't matter just as long as it is fair for everyone, which it is...


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