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    Taxman's Non-Power Conference Play o' the Day!!!


    Yes I am going with a 4-10 team over a 9-7 team.

    This one is easy as both teams records and stats are skewed!

    UCIrvine, the Anteaters, have played the following schedule so far:
    H Fresno State 98-97 OT L
    @ Pacific 84-79 L
    @ Washington 86-72 W
    H Pacifica College 110-73 W CUPCAKE
    H LIU Brooklyn 84-64 W CUPCAKE
    H Boston University 74-68 L
    H Eastern Washington 81-58 W CUPCAKE
    @ Sacramento State 79-53 W CUPCAKE
    @ California 73-56 L LOST BY 17
    H Pepperdine 75-69 L
    @ Eastern Washington 70-61 W CUPCAKE
    @ #13Oregon 91-63 L DRILLED BY 28
    @ Denver 63-50 W CUPCAKE
    @ Arizona State 74-61 L LOST BY 13
    H Morgan State 75-63 W DOUBLE CUPCAKE
    H San Diego Christian 91-56 W WTF KIND OF CUPCAKE!

    Long Beach State's schedule:
    H Hawaii Pacific 71-59 W CUPCAKE
    @ #6Arizona 91-57 L
    H Loyola Marymount 74-73 L
    @ Kansas State 71-58 L
    N #14Michigan* 85-61 L
    N #10Virginia Commonwealth* 73-67 L
    N Kansas State* 52-38 L 2ND TIME
    @ Washington 92-89 2OT L
    H Creighton 78-61 L
    @ North Carolina State 76-66 L
    H USC 72-71 W
    H Mont St Billings 82-75 W CUPCAKE
    @ Nevada 80-77 OT W
    @ #25Missouri 69-59 L

    Long Beach State has played #6 Arizona, #14 Michigan, #10 VCU, #25 Mizzou, K-State twice, Creighton, N.C. State, USC. Granted Long Beach State are 4-10 but they have played the toughest non-conference schedule in the country. Wrong side favored.

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    You would think. I do not trust anything anymore in hoops.

    That's who I am on too.

    Seems easy to me.

    I think college hoops small games are not bettable unless you have a tip. Kids are on the take. Sad to say but why wouldn't they be?

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    All that cash flowing.

    They get nothing.

    It's going to get bad soon I think in these small schools where lines are offered.

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    Close game, just missed covering by a half-point.

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    Even more painful!

    I need to redo my handicapping, but I will get back on LBS a couple more times until it hits!

    Need focus on games that have blow out potential instead of squeakers.


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