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    Quote Originally Posted by citizenc View Post
    The editing one is a funny one, as doesn't a forum post show you the time date when edited?

    I guess the issue is for the guys who score keep (cheers guys) who would have check each post which wouldn't be as

    Just testing editing.
    Allowing editing up until Midnight WOULD work because they would only be editing the original post not posting a second time, so it wouldn't have any impact on the scorekeeper. It was just a suggestion as was the one about an automated online entry of picks.

    Yes, the current system only allows you to edit a post for up to one minute, but I'm pretty sure that can be changed for any individual thread.

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    Editing of picks would not work on any level and again, the whole idea here was to model a contest after the grand daddy of them all.

    As far as not getting your picks in on time, well, as pointed out, there's PLENTY of time to post. If you can perhaps get an edge by waiting until the last possible minute, more power to you. But you then run the risk of getting shut out.

    Lastly, if your ride to work, (or school since it APPEARS we have some youngsters here) is exactly 30 minutes with NO traffic and no unforeseen delays, would you leave 31 minutes prior to when you were supposed be there? Or would you perhaps give your self some extra time. Maybe leave 45 minutes or even an hour ahead of time, JUST IN CASE?

    Oh, and someone posted that it was beyond their control. Not true. Take into account every possible scenario that could prevent you from posting your picks on time, and then make arrangements to insure you are able to get them in on time.

    Set your own personal deadline each week, say 6pm est on Saturday. That gives you 6 hours SHOULD any unforeseen events keep you from posting.

    Bottom line - FOLLOW THE RULES or go stand in the corner (that's what I used to have to do in kindergarten 44 years ago)

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    Thank you for the helpful life advice.

    Now, how about we all get back to football and a BIGGER and "BETTOR" week 2. And, hey, I can't go anywhere but up from 0-5.

    Sorry to have been a distraction.

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    Your welcome

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    I lost internet service last year for over 24 hrs and kept thinking it would certainly be up by midnight on Saturday. I waited as long as I could and then I actually roamed the neighborhood with a laptop looking for an unsecured wireless network I could 'borrow' so I could make my picks. 1/2 hr late and I got a 0-5 when I would have gone 4-1. The picks were submitted 9 and 1/2 hrs before the first game. It sucks but it was the rules.

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    Laptop in one hand, IPA in the other!


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