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    *** Bettorsworld Survivor Pool *** (Open Forum for 3rd party site to use & deadline)

    As approved by Jeff, new for this year, Bettorsworld is offering a Survivor Pool!

    ENTRY FEE: $25.00 (Bettorsworld will set up a Paypal link)

    We are going to use a third party website for all contestants to enter their picks.

    The websites used to host the contest for now are:
    *CBS Sports

    100% split among remaining players or to sole winner

    Official Rules
    This is pretty straight forward

    1. PICK ONE TEAM EACH WEEK TO WIN, TIES LOSE, CANNOT USE A TEAM MORE THAN ONCE (teams will reset when the playoffs begin)

    2.The recommended pick deadline for pro football pools is Sunday at kickoff (1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific). The 3rd party site is set up so you can leave the deadline set at the recommended day and time all year long. Even when there's a Thursday game, you can leave the deadline set for Sunday because of the built-in safeguards which prevent people from entering or changing picks for games that have already started. Once a game starts, all picks for that game are locked. Once your deadline passes, all picks for every game are locked.

    Generally, you want to give your players as much time as possible to enter their picks. If we use a Thursday deadline we will have more people missing their picks and that leads to player complaints and more work for me. The pool will run more smoothly.

    3. Pick is made Straight Up, there is no point spread involved

    4. Single elimination

    The Default Pick will be the biggest available favorite. By available, it means teams that have not started their game when the pick deadline passes and teams that meet our other team restriction criteria (pick a team only once).


    Biggest Favorite - If your pick deadline is Sunday and if biggest favorite plays on Thursday, then the autopicker will assign the biggest favorite that plays on Sunday or Monday.

    If Seattle is the biggest favorite of the week and if your pool uses the "Pick a Team Only Once" restriction and if you already picked Seattle, the autopicker will give you the next biggest favorite.

    If 2 or more teams are tied as the biggest favorite, it will assign the home team over the road team, otherwise it will arbitrarily assign one of those teams.

    The Autopicker will never overwrite your own picks.

    Note: The following are the default text rules which were automatically generated based on the website settings as of 11-Aug-2015. The pool manager should review these rules carefully and make changes where needed, including removing this note.

    Pick Winners - The object of this game is to pick a single winning team each week. If your team wins, you advance to the next week, and you can't pick that team again. If your team loses or ties, you are eliminated from the pool.

    You may only pick a team once. For example, if you pick Denver in week 1, you cannot pick them again.

    If the pool continues into the playoffs the team restrictions reset and you will be able to pick any team again at least one more time.

    This pool is single elimination. You are eliminated the first time you make an incorrect pick.

    This pool does not have the Bye Pick option turned on. You must pick a team every week.

    The winner is the person who advances to the latest week. If 2 or more people are eliminated in the same week, it is a tie, regardless of the day or time they are eliminated.

    If there are 2 or more people remaining in the pool, and all of them are eliminated in the same week before the end of the regular season, the pool manager will revive those people and let them continue playing. [Optionally, you could call it a tie or have everyone involved enter a superbowl total points prediction for a tiebreaker.]

    If 2 or more people advance to the end of the regular season they will continue into the playoffs. If 2 or more people survive through the championship game (Superbowl) then it will be a tie. [Optionally, you could call it a tie or have everyone involved enter a superbowl total points prediction for a tiebreaker.]

    The pick deadline for this pool is set at 1:00PM EDT/EST on Sundays. Once a game starts, picks for that game are locked and cannot be changed or entered.

    This pool uses the website Autopick feature. If you miss the pick deadline the website will make your pick the biggest available favorite. If no favorites are available then you will get the smallest available underdog. The autopicker runs right after your pick deadline passes and it will not assign a team that has already started playing. So if your pick deadline is on Sunday and the biggest favorite of the week played on Thursday, then you will get a different team. If two teams are tied as the biggest favorite the autopicker will assign one of those teams arbitrarily.

    Aliases can also be used to make multiple entries into the pool.

    It is your responsibility to confirm that your own picks are accepted by the website. You should see the Congratulations Screen after submitting your picks and you should receive a pick confirmation email. If you are still unsure if your pick was accepted, you should return to the picksheet, not by using your browser's back button, but by clicking on the My Picks link. If your pick was accepted it will be prefilled on the picksheet.

    If a game is postponed to a later week, all the picks for that game will be deleted by the website. The website will send an email notification to the people who picked that game and their pool managers. Whether they get the email or not, it is the responsibility of the individual pool member to know that the game was postponed and to enter a new pick (if necessary) before the pick deadline passes.

    If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and what the player says he/she entered, the website will be considered correct. If there is ever a discrepancy between what the website shows and a pick confirmation email, the website will be considered correct.

    Pros/Cons of each site
    *CBS Sports:
    Pros: Free. I have used this site for too many years, it is reliable
    Cons: I don't know if there is a feature to have an 'alias' as your name

    Pros: Used this site for the last years, no issues. It does allow aliases. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SITE
    Cons: This year, the site is charging $1 per entry to host (minimum $20 fee, it will reduce our payout fee accordingly)

    Pros: Free
    Cons: I have NEVER used this site. Cannot confirm if it is reliable for the entire year. Cannot confirm if it has the features similar to officefootballpool.com

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    I would definitely be interested. I would add http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival as a possible hosting site. Very easy to set up, Free. The only con I can think of is you need to have a yahoo.com e mail addy, but you can set it up once, and then have all the contest data forwarded to your regular e mail addy if you wish.

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    I would play. Also I second the Guesser on using Yahoo. Been in various group leagues there for years.

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    I will look into the Yahoo website for hosting the survivor.

    I will lean on Jeff if he wants to advertise that BW will have a Survivor contest (looking to build up foot track and additional entries/interest).

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    im in winnersbyt&b

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    We do not have to start week 1 either.

    The survivor pools I play in usual start in week 2 or 3.

    Just a thought to build interest and the pool of players.

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    Anything further on this one?


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